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Manager Self Service

Organize, monitor and evaluate claims quickly and efficiently through Manager Self Service.

eClaims Software for Efficient Claims Processing

Speed Up the Leave Approval/Rejection Process

Claims Approval Workflow enables the managers to access employee claim requests and information online. The claims applied for by the employees are automatically routed to their respective managers or the HOD of the cost center who may approve or reject claims requests with a single click.

eClaims System with Real-time Claim Status Updates

Focusing on the Real-Time Update

Receive real-time updates and reports in automatic emails and updates on Dashboard.

Claims Management System for Claim Documents Tracking

Track Proof of Claim Documents

Your employees can attach medical certificates, and other documents, to each claim application. This allows you to keep track of all documents online, eliminating the need for any hard copy submissions.

eClaims Management System for Automated Claims Processing

Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork and Save a Lot of Time

eClaim assists HR professionals to streamline tedious claim management and the generation of monthly claim reports for each department.

HR Claims Management Software Analytics Dashboard on a Tablet

Manager Self Service enables managers to access employee trip requests and claims information. The claims request applied for by the employees are automatically routed to their respective managers for approval; and they can either approve or reject claims by viewing claim details such as claim purpose, expense amount, transaction date, and much more. The manager can also specify the reason for rejecting the employee claim request.

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