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Deskera is an award-winning integrated business platform that helps you run your business.

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One of the World’s Leading ERP Software Companies

Enhance Productivity and Operational Efficiency, Eliminate Costs, and Track Finances, Manage Customer and Vendor

Deskera is one of the leading ERP software companies in Singapore that offers a comprehensive and integrated solution to run your business, your way. From maintaining records and tracking accounts for every receivable, to keeping a tab on the inventory and payments, or managing customers and vendors, Deskera ERP Cloud solution helps you track your business and take real-time data for quick decisions.

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How to get best results from your sales efforts

Members of your sales team represent your company to the world. They carry the future profits of your company, while being burdened with sales quotas and targets. Deskera shares some tips to keep your sales people motivated, and perform well amidst challenges.

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e-Book on How Deskera's ERP System Maximizes Profits

New eBook – Just Released

How to chart your course for successful business growth

Your business can grow with no limits. Successfully managing your business financial health makes a huge difference to the success of your business. So how do you cook up really a great resource allocation plan that will get your business to grow at a rapid speed?

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e-Book to Drive Growth with ERP Software

New eBook – 10 Compliance Tips for SME Bosses

10 Compliance Tips for SME Bosses

This eBook describes some of the benefits for SMEs bosses when adopting good compliance discipline in Singapore, such as GST charges, CPF contribution and Manpower quota.

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e-Book on how Deskera's HRMS helps SMEs Stay Compliant

New eBook – Break Down Data Silos to Boost Your Competitive Advantage

Break Down Data Silos to Boost Your Competitive Advantage

These silos take a considerable toll on productivity, accuracy, insight and cost. Learn how integrated, cloud-based business software eliminates data silos, improving productivity, providing more accurate data, delivering better visibility, and reducing IT costs.

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Top ERP solution Company Award by Capterra

Featured in Capterra’s Top 20

Deskera is featured among the Capterra’s Top 20 Most Popular ERP Software list
published on January 30th, 2017

Award-winning Cloud ERP Software from Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan has selected Deskera for

2015 Market Leadership Award for #1 Integrated Business Applications as a Service (BAaaS)

Track and Act with ERP Cloud Track your business better, and master your operations with solutions from a leading ERP software provider. Our software company provides businesses in Singapore and around the world with real-time data that helps them manage their Vendors and Customers better.

  • Live updates of comprehensive analytics and detailed insights into your costs and performance across all operations
  • Take advantage of built-in functionality that is designed for specific industries within services, manufacturing and distribution
  • Maintain history while processing all the financial transactions, from invoices, purchase orders and inventory tracking to receipts

Learn more about integrated ERP Cloud from Deskera, a leading BPM software provider

Integrated ERP System Dashboard
Manage Sales and Customers with CRM Cloud Gain more control over how you sell and interact with your customers by giving them quality assistance anytime, anywhere. Use automated sales processes to hit bigger targets and generate higher profits, by using Deskera’s CRM Cloud.

  • Continuous solid leads by automating complex processes and boosting efficiency.
  • Deliver an exceptional experience to the customer with personalised, effective interaction.
  • Adapt and improve how you process customer information.

Learn more about integrated CRM Cloud from Deskera, a leading BPM software provider

User-friendly CRM Software Dashboard
Take care of your Workforce Streamline your HR processes and maximise the efficiency of your workforce. Getting HRMS Cloud products from a reputable software company gives you more bandwidth to focus on employees while the automated solution that takes care of Appraisals, Payroll, Timesheets, etc.

  • Easy, fast and accurate payroll processing.
  • Analyse your pool of human resource to weigh up supply and demand and optimise your team by hiring people that reflect the values you need.
  • Stay informed about each employee ‘s attendance, punctuality, leave and claims in one easy to use product.

Learn more about integrated HRMS Cloud from Deskera, a respected BPM and ERP solution company

Easy-to-use HR Software Dashboard
Quality and On-time Project Delivery Have a better command over your projects by using Deskera’s Project Cloud. A real-time check on the Project health using our project status reports and graphs help you achieve the delivery date on time and with quality.

  • Collaboratively plan, schedule, and deliver projects by working socially.
  • Real-time project insights on the move for right-time decision making.
  • Optimise resources and increase customer satisfaction.

Learn more about integrated PM Cloud from Deskera, one of the leading software companies providing BPM solutions headquartered in Singapore.

Project Management Software Dashboard

Singapore’s respected provider of management software

For nearly a decade, Deskera, a leading software company has been providing innovative systems helping businesses around Singapore and the world develop faster, more efficient processes.
Discover how Deskera software can transform your business by requesting a demonstration. Contact our office on ✆ 6536 1420 or send a message via our contact page.

Organizations of all sizes use Deskera

Businesses using Deskeras ERP, HRMS and CRM Software

Go-live in hours, not days

With Deskera, you can go live in hours, not days.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Deskera ERP Cloud (Enterprise Resource Planning) takes your business beyond traditional accounting and inventory management software, by streamlining operations and standardizing the information flow across the entire organization. Provided by one of the most trusted software companies, our system provides access to precise information that enables users to make better decisions with regards to managing their stores, warehouse, vendors and customers.

The Deskera ERP Cloud allows the users to ‘Track and Automate’ the business operations by –

  • Efficiently monitoring the flow of goods and services in your organization and track all supplier activities. Auto generate balance sheets, P&L statements, and upcoming expenses to ensure a smooth supply chain function for enhanced organizational productivity.
  • Maintain history of all financial transactions, invoices, purchase orders, inventory and product related changes, to allow you to look at the past data for trends and plan future.
  • The tool is compatible with most of the POS printers and allowing usage of multiple currencies.
  • Automating invoices, discounts and credit notes to avoid delays in generating these and cut down on human errors.
  • Export and Import options, for the ease of managing your Vendors and Customers.
  • Create master settings for financial year, generate auto numbering for invoices and products to standardize the format used across the organization.
  • Connect your employees, suppliers and customers to a common data source to make sure the data access is consistent across.
  • Automates all your inventory related processes. Integration of inventory management with product management and store management allows real time access to all product related details such as stock levels across different stores and locations.
  • Accurate and real-time reports help you to be aware of stockout, general ledger, sales and month end variation. Get a comprehensive view of all products that have been ordered, delivered and purchased.

Ensure your business is using the right tool by using Deskera products, a leading BPM software provider. Our customers say that using Deskera ERP Cloud (Enterprise Resource Planning) eliminates redundant enterprise processes, dramatically lowering the cost of doing business overall.

Do you plan to automate your processes or to have a better inventory and sales monitoring system? Enquire today. Ask us more information about Deskera ERP Cloud.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Deskera CRM Cloud helps you to identify prospects, acquire customers, build loyalty and deliver an exceptional customer experience. The centralized cloud based CRM solution from a market leading software provider helps you access details of your leads and customers from anywhere expediting your sales and customer service, giving you the best ROI.

The Deskera CRM Cloud allows the user to ‘Manage Sales and Customers’ effectively by –

  • Providing options to track campaign details, by real-time status reports. The campaign objective, expected responses, and status type are set for ease of reporting. You can automate tasks required to be fulfilled at different sales stages and cut down manual efforts.
  • By using classifications and sales stages, track leads and opportunities in a systematic and structured way. Converting current leads into opportunities enables to filter out leads. Plan your approach to sales depending upon the type, source, and industry of each lead.
  • Maintain a centralized storage for documents, with options to search, tag and share. Define permission based access.
  • Ease of managing customer queries and important tasks, by options such as assign tasks and activities. The tool also allows the prioritization of the tasks.
  • Providing reports and statuses via intuitive graphs. Gain insights into customer preferences and demand patterns based on historical sales reports in an excel format or a graphical representation.
  • In-built email client for consistency in the layout and user adaptability to help track and organize emails better.
  • Assign tasks, add documents, and import/export against accounts, contacts and opportunities.
  • The dashboard gives you a holistic view of what is happening within your sales and customer services team via interactive graphs.

Our customers say that using Deskera CRM Cloud has helped them in making their customers delighted, by timely and accurate responses, providing them with more time, to focus on better conversions. Build stronger relationships with your clients through Deskera products, an innovative software provider.

Is customer support being an extra cost and effort to your organization? Allow us to share more information about Deskera CRM Cloud if you plan to automate, customer and lead management.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Deskera HRMS Cloud offers an inclusive and organized system that streamlines management of HR functions and responsibilities. It ensures organizations have access to the much needed, simplified tools for efficient management of their most important asset i.e. employees.

The Deskera HRMS Cloud allows the user to ‘Manage Employees’ effectively by –

  • On-time and accurate payroll processing by using pre-defined component configuration and templates creation. Add multiple deduction components and tax types and to get a holistic view of salary slips including details such as earnings, deductions, taxes and more.
  • Interactive self-service interface for employees that assists online viewing of salary slips with complete salary information, detailed pay history, deductions, taxes and more.
  • Speed up your recruitment process and hire the right talent from a pool of applicants. Identify job vacancies, publish openings on your website’s career page, filter resumes and arrange interviews, all by one tool.
  • A streamlined and automated performance management model that recognizes efficient employees. Configure convenient appraisal cycles by defining components such as competencies, goals, weightage, and promotion.
  • Minute evaluation of employee performance. Generates timesheets for each employee as per the start and end time related to tasks. With a single click, obtain detailed analysis of tasks and cost incurred for each task.
  • Let your employees update timesheets, personal details and apply for internal job postings via the employee portal, so that the HR team gets to focus on more critical tasks.
  • Build a centralized human resource database that ensures optimum utilization of available employee resources.

Our customers say that using Deskera HRMS Cloud has helped them in an efficient and accurate payroll processing, convenient employee tracking for enhanced organizational output, and effective personnel management. Work with the leading software company to use the most efficient HRMS.

Do you plan to streamline recruiting or to have a better employee monitoring system? Ask us more about Deskera HRMS Cloud.

Project Management (PM)

Deskera PM Cloud accelerates productivity and success, and helps in delivering projects on time. Using the software, streamline, monitor and experience an overall smooth execution of the project.

The Deskera PM Cloud allows the user to ‘Manage Projects’ effectively by –

  • Allows importing of projects from other project management tools such as Basecamp, MS Project, and CSV format. Enables easy transition of project details.
  • View your projects through the Gantt charts. Track assigned tasks and progress, easily and conveniently.
  • Use team calendars to delegate tasks and view progress. Schedules and plans can be marked on the online calendar shared between all team members.
  • Quick communication via chats and discussion forums. Connect your team members from any location and discuss issues and raise queries. The discussion forum allows members to view new posts, define rules, etc.
  • Manage resources and project via easy reports. Get a real-time status of the task progress and about resources used and cost involved by setting quality parameters and budget.
  • Import and export contacts related to the project at one central location.
  • Maintain central document repository, and tag and share. Define permission based access for the security of the documents.
  • Built-in email client helps to track and organize emails better.
  • Track each and every activity via audit trail. Monitor resource activity easily since it auto generates action log.
  • Extensive analytical capabilities. Manage your projects better by working with a leading BPM software company.

Our customers say that using Deskera PM Cloud has helped them in ensuring the project to be completed within a certain time frame, achieving pre-defined standards effectively, managing user roles and access permissions easily, and tracking all user activities.

Do you plan to have a better project management system? Speak to an innovative PM solutions company today, for more information about Deskera PM Cloud.