Accelerate your transformation

The days of staying analog are fast ending. Great ERP software is now available at your fingertips. Here’s what our software can do.


Leverage data to drive profits further, faster

Gain valuable insights on your customers. Identify top-selling products by sales and volume so you can take action.


Keep your financial numbers in check

Track your financial health with a detailed, error-free, and intuitive dashboard so you can make informed business decisions easily.


Maintain visibility on all your inventory

Improve performance and boost efficiency across your supply chain with best-in-class inventory management features.


Reap long-term benefits from timely transactions

Streamline your lead nurturing process, set rules to observe and engage incoming leads and never let your sales team miss a deal.


Real time reports. Real time action.

Monitor key performance indicators and get a snapshot of the current trends to better predict the future.


Simple intuitive interface

Easy to pick up, very hard to let go off. With flexible monthly plans for subscription and an equipped support team, your every need is taken care of.

Manage your buying and selling.

With our intuitive one document flow you no longer have to remember complicated entries. We let you start with your quotation and end with your payment all in one smooth interface. We believe once you try this, no other system will be the same.

Stay on top of your inventory.

Cut down on human errors and wasted working hours when tracking and adjusting inventory. Nothing spells “disaster” like a poorly managed inventory system and we’re here to make sure this a thing of the past, for good.

Get real time accurate reporting.

Manage your finances more efficiently with organized and reliable financial reports at your fingertips. Don’t complicate life further with manual, mind-boggling reports.

Enjoy smoother purchasing.

Streamline your purchasing processes and keep track of all the vital information you need in one place. With complete visibility, you will always be in control of your purchasing cycles.

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Pricing Plans

All our plans are designed to help you run your business efficiently.