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Break free from the limitations of spreadsheets. Here’s our take on a good and automated online customer management system.

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360 View of Contacts.

Maintain your contacts in one central platform, and share a unified view of each contact with the rest of your team. This means you can get more context when taking over a customer’s portfolio or collaborating with your teammate, allowing you to make better decisions that help to close your deals faster and with ease.

Mobile access.

Designed to allow your sales force to access accurate real-time data and update the CRM while they are out in the field meeting prospects and customers, can help improve efficiency. For managers, this is a guaranteed way to improve your team’s productivity, performance and quality. Now, your team can be just as efficient on the road as they are in the office.

Manage your leads.

Understand where you are in terms of dealing with your customers by labeling your leads and categorizing them. With our easy-to-view lead status column, you can stay on top of your deals and manage your time better by knowing which leads require follow-ups.

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