Join The Open Source Community

We want to build the best set of integrated business applications that would enable organizations to Improve Sales,Increase Efficiency and Lower Costs

At Deskera we have built a solid line of products. However, with the open source community participation, we believe we can make them better.

The talented engineers at Deskera will continue to develop features and improvements, but we hope to partner with a greater community and accelerate the cycle.

We want to hear from you in our forums. We want to hear about the bugs you identified, and we want to hear about the improvements you want, and we want to hear about the tweaks you made.

We actively encourage you to send in comments, work-arounds, code and solutions.

We will try to do our part in creating channels and resources for public development and comment.

The success of a tool should be measured by how long it stays in use. We want Deskera to be around for a long time.