Deskera’s Journal Entries.

Stop manual recording of your business transactions. Use the automated general journal accounting with Deskera, where every transaction is automatically mapped to your account.

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What journal entries?

Journal entries are the recording of any transactions that occur in business operations. All the transaction records are classified into different accounts based on the accounting standard.

Automated Recording.

A journal entry is one of the most essential steps that all businesses partake in. This means it is an extremely tedious task that can be time-consuming, yet there can be no room for mistakes. What Deskera Books does is to automatically convert every sale and purchase into a journal entry, which drastically reduces the likelihood of human error and saves time.

Keep the books balanced.

With little to no error in your journal entries, it enables bookkeepers to balance the books a lot faster and with ease. Even if the books do not balance, it will be so much easier to spot the error.

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