Buy, track and close your purchases with ease.

We make the buying part of your business so easy you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

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Tracking all your documents together.

Leverage the power of digital documentation. With our buy module, you can place an order easily. Convert that to a bill on confirmation or track receipts directly. We provide one place where all documentation is recorded and accessible wherever you are, whenever you want.

Creation to completion in one place.

For every business, there are buying and selling of products either for the purpose of resale or for the production of final goods. Using Deskera’s ERP software, users can now create an order document when they are buying goods from the suppliers or vendors.

Improve Cash Flow Management

Managing your expenses is equally important as managing your sales – it’s not just about your cash inflows, but also reducing your cash outflows. See at a glance who you are due to pay and settle your bills quickly.

Buying Tip from Deskera

You will be able to see the outstanding amount of any Bill. Indicate the Currency, Amount to be paid, and the Account used to deduct the Payment – Cash or Bank, or other Bank accounts created previously.

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