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Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration

Great Tool for Interactive Task Progress and Task Grid for Effective Project Collaboration.

With the help of Deskera Project Collaboration feature, one can easily access documents or project files through the Document Manager.

Deskera Email provides a Single Messaging System across projects for each user – an efficient and easy to use functionality to send messages to anyone in your network.

You can communicate in real time with the team members, discuss issues pertaining to the project, solve bottlenecks as and when they occur to avoid communication gap.

Organize your project events and schedules through flexible and user friendly online team calendars. Share them with team members, delegate tasks effectively and export if required.

Project Collaboration Preview

Create threads on any topic in discussion forums, view new posts easily, group threads and define forum rules. Access your calendar anywhere, anytime for better communication.

Manage many different concurrent activities or tasks by adding to-dos and manage priorities with different colour coding and proceed with your project efficiently.

Project Collaboration is the basis of bringing in two or more people of an organization or team to work together by sharing knowledge, experience, and skills for the development of a new project. Deskera project collaboration offer a set of tools that enable team members to get projects done, find information quickly, to communicate and work together to achieve common business goals. The core elements of project collaboration are email, document sharing, group calendar, team collaboration and real-time collaboration

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