Plan and manage materials, resources, machines and production schedules efficiently.

Understand the current inventory levels to accurately plan the material requirements needed. Estimate the quantity of material required and the time it takes to procure it. Monitor the inventory levels and plan accordingly to meet customer demands. Analyze the material costs and establish a budget. Generate accurate and reliable reports that can help you plan your material requirements. Set safety stock levels to avoid any stock-outs. Get timely alerts and notifications about the inventory levels to stay informed. Monitor the material availability and take corrective action whenever needed. Managers can accurately track material requirements, from the moment they are ordered to the moment they are delivered, set realistic deadlines and goals for their material needs, accurately estimate their inventory needs for future projects, identify any potential problems in their material supply chain, and identify potential cost-saving opportunities

Monitor stock levels in real-time, enabling efficient ordering and re-ordering of materials.

Reduce the need for manual data entry, eliminating the potential for errors.

Automatically generate purchase orders based on the current inventory levels.

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Key Features of Material Requirement Planning
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