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Institutional Finance Management Legacy

Institutional Finance Management Legacy

Streamline institute finances and student accounts with Institutional Finance Management software.

Manage Cost centers, Profit centers, Income accounts with Accounting Software

Institutes can set up their chart of accounts including ledgers, subledgers, etc. Accounts can also be classified as cost centers, profit centers, income accounts, expense accounts etc. Account details can be modified by authorized personnel only through Institutional Finance Management software.

Fee-Account Mapping to Track Accounting Functions

The various types of fees set up by the institute can be mapped to their respective accounts from the chart of accounts. Accounting functions are tracked accordingly.

Track and Monitor the institute’s finances by generating P&L statement, Balance Sheet, Cashflow statement

Periodic financial statements including the P&L statement, balance sheet, and cashflow statement are generated. Detailed financial reports can be generated by authorities to track and monitor the institute’s finances and cashflow. This will help to make informed decisions.

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Generate and Maintain invoices & receipts with Finance Management Software

Deskera’s Institutional Finance Management system has the ability to generate and maintain invoices and receipts for all financial transactions.

The accounts module of Institutional Finance Management helps users to manage and monitor all the accounting activities of the institution and to maintain the books of accounts. Deskera’s Institutional Finance Management system integrates with all relevant modules that have information for accounts and gives us single-window information. Financial accounting of the institution is based on income expenditure and assets liabilities. The system also provides a master setup for compiling groups of departments under a single institution. You can also generate the balance sheet and trial balance, individually or collectively under the institution. Reports like Accounts Center, Fee-Account Mapping and General Ledger help you to streamline institute finances and student accounts.

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