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IT Hardware and Software resellers across the world deal with multiple challenges to manage their business on a day to day basis.

As trading is your business's core nature, you need to manage both the Purchase & Sales cycle efficiently. An IT resellers' business's backbone lies in managing its inventory and getting recurring revenues from its customer list.

Deskera understand the issues your business faces, and our All-in-one Business software solves each one of them for you

 • Information based on unreliable data
 • Inefficient inventory utilization
 • Ineffective order processes and inaccuracies
 • Order orchestration and inventory visibility issues
 • Manual processes that cannot scale

Deskera, All in One solution, is designed keeping in mind the requirements and challenges of your business. It integrates and automates your Accounting, Inventory, Sales, and Service components easily, ensuring running your business is a breeze.

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Automate Inventory Tracking Across Warehouses
Deskera understands whether you have a single warehouse or multiple warehouses across locations- Tracking inventory is the biggest challenge a distribution business faces.

You can track stock and inventory along with the warehouse location with Deskera Books. You can define product attributes like Color, Size, Brand, etc, as per your segment's need.

You can also add product images and barcodes to quickly scan the products in Transactions and generate invoices & orders.

Maintain multiple Warehouses and get instant reports on Stock Levels in each of the Warehouses.

Track Serial Based Inventory
IT Resellers can scan and track serial numbers for all the stock items with Deskera Books. You can track your goods' movement from when they enter your warehouses until shipped to your customer's place.

You get visibility of how much stock and serial numbers lying in each of the warehouses. Every sale made to the end customer also tracks the actual Serial Number issued to them.

Simplified Sales And Purchase Returns
Manage all sales returns and purchase returns from a single screen. You can link the Credit Notes and Debit Notes with the Sales Invoices and Purchase Bills, respectively, to keep track of all transactions related to each other in a single place.

The inventory updates itself whenever you create a returns transaction.

Real-Time Reports
Every softwares' reporting capabilities are different. At Deskera, we take pride in the kind of reports we can generate for your IT reselling business.

Know the financial health of your organization by being updated with Real-Time Accounting and Inventory reports. Access Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Purchase & Sales related reports with advanced filters.

With these real-time reports, you don't have to wait for a specific date to pull your reports. You get updates on age-wise pending receivables and payables, helping you stay on top of all outstanding amounts in the market.

Automated Invoicing
IT Resellers can automate their invoicing process and customize their Invoice Templates using Deskera Invoices.

Retailers can generate invoices for clients quickly. You can use the Mobile App to create Quotations and convert them into Invoices when swiftly required.

Deskera books let retailers track the Delivery for these Invoices by integrating them with the Logistics and Shipping Companies like FedEx, USPS, and many others.

Global Tax Compliance
If your IT retail business operates on a regional or global level, you need to be up to date with local and international tax regulations.

Deskera software helps you sort this by being statutory compliant. It will always depict the right tax for your business and manage your complete accounting as per the region's guidelines.

It helps you generate Tax Compliant Invoices and Tax Returns hassle-free. The Tax Returns are created automatically at the end of the Tax Period and are in a form that can be directly uploaded on Government Portals.

Simple Bank Reconciliation
You can connect your chart of accounts to your bank and get real-time bank balance in your system.

Use bank feeds to compare and reconcile against deposits and expenses in the system.

Our intelligent reconciliation engine makes it even easier by suggesting matches based on the amount, party, and date.

The bank reconciliation takes place within minutes and also helps in finding out the missing transactions.

Manage Contacts & Multiple Delivery Points Easily
Deskera allows IT Resellers to create a contact from the comfort of the Mobile Application quickly. You can import all Customer Masters in Bulk via a simple excel import utility. Track Customer wise sales and outstanding easily to identify sales trends and patterns.

Apply credit limit and credit days to your customers to keep your Debtors' Credit Limit in check.

You can add multiple Shipping Addresses and define essential details required for Customer Master like Statutory Details and additional fields as required.

Managing Outstandings Made Simple
Receiving your customers' timely payments is crucial to ensure your Suppliers are paid on time, and the Cash Flows are kept in check. Track Outstandings from your Customers at the touch of a button with Deskera books.

Aged Receivables report gets generated in real-time, and each invoice reflects its due days on the sales dashboard. Send instant emails to your clients sharing their invoice Details and payment reminders.

Keep track of your payables and make payments on time to your vendors using our aged Payables report. The Purchase Dashboard reflects Due Days against each Bill. You can use the Mobile App to pass Payment Vouchers quickly.

Barcoding Stock Items And Save Time
Deskera allows you to assign Barcodes to all your product masters. Assign Barcode by scanning the Barcode and then fetch products instantly while making Invoices or Orders.

Barcoding helps save time and generate Invoices quickly and accurately.

Make Decisions On The Go
The Deskera Mobile app, allows the users to manage all tasks quickly from the mobile screen.

Generate Invoices and Orders quickly from the Mobile app and share them with your stakeholders. Print the transactions directly from the Mobile App and attach Files or Images with transactions.

The mobile app also allows you to add multiple branches of your business and maintain books of accounts separately for each of the branches.

View reports while On the Go on your Mobile and take necessary actions.

Track & Customize Sales Pipeline To Match Your Process
Track all your deals via the Deals Pipeline. Deals Pipeline categorizes deals into multiple stages. Focus on the ones which are near conversion to maximize your Revenues.

One to Many Email Campaign
Like any business with many customers and lean sales teams, resellers dealing with B2B and B2C clients need a one to many marketing communication platforms.

Curate Marketing Content as per your Design format and send it across to a defined type and set of customers. You can track the performance of each of the campaigns with Deskera Sales.

Integrated With Other Apps
Deskera offers the unique advantage of integrating with multiple channels and applications to help you update the information seamlessly across all platforms via its Easy to Integrate capability.

Easily link up Deskera with your CRM tool or Attendance capturing devices with integration capabilities of Deskera Apps. Deskera offers a Marketplace with various inbuilt Integrations that can be directly used to integrate Deskera with other applications. We have made a strategic effort to ensure we offer Codeless Integration with different applications like Payment Gateways/Portals, Logistics Companies, eCommerce Platforms, Integration Platforms etc, thereby further increasing the reach of our application.

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Satisfaction. Delivered

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