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Training AdministrationLegacy

Training Administration Legacy

One platform to manage all your training requirements.

Session Management Blurb

Manage training sessions by approving or rejecting requests sent by the trainees based on the resource workload availability and other predetermined criteria.

Trainer Administration Blurb

All the trainers (internal/external) can be managed from the Trainer Administration module. Trainer costs can be set and points can be allocated to each trainer based on their performance.

Notification Blurb

Customized email templates can be created based on the organizational requirement.

Training Administration Preview

Deskera’s Training Administration allows you to manage your training sessions, events, trainers and more, from a single window. You can approve training sessions and also manage training requests. Using the Training Administration module you can manage trainers profiles, set the costs of each trainer, and assign points to them as well. Customized notifications can also be created from the Training Administration module.

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