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Create automated campaigns to nurture prospects and drive conversions. Keep contacts organized and up-to-date with triggered emails. Segment contacts and customize messages for each group. Track email performance and engagement with real-time reports. Analyze the response rate of campaigns to identify the most effective content. Automatically add contacts to the appropriate sequence based on their interactions. Schedule emails in advance for maximum impact and convenience. Monitor the health of campaigns by monitoring opt-outs and bounces.

By setting up automated sequences, sales teams can quickly and easily reach out to prospects and customers with personalized messages at just the right time. With Deskera CRM’s drip sequences, sales teams can create a series of emails and tasks that will be sent out to prospects and customers at predetermined points in the sales cycle and track performance of drip sequences, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversions,. This allows salespeople to stay in touch with their prospects and customers without having to manually follow up with each one.

Automate the process of sending emails to customers based on their preferences and activities.

Utilize customer data to create personalized and specific messages that are sure to resonate with customers.

Use drip sequences to deliver messages in a timely manner, ensuring customers stay engaged with your company.

Key Features of Drip Sequences
with Deskera ERP.

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