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Easy, simple, and accurate tax filing process with Deskera. Create invoices, manage your contacts, run payroll and file your SST returns effortlessly.

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Automatic tax calculation
Tax codes and tariff codes are pre-configured for Malaysian organizations.

Map the respective tariff codes for your products. We will take care of the tax calculation and populate the values into the corresponding fields in the tax reports.

Spend less time on your tax obligations and focus more time on running your business.
File SST return effortlessly
View your SST02 Report in real-time with a click of a button.

Fetch the values of each tariff code with Sales Tax Return and Service Tax Return in seconds.

Access all these reports anytime anywhere on your mobile or laptop. All you need is an Internet connection.
Powerful invoicing and accounting software
Create invoices, track expenses, and view real-time financial reports anytime, anywhere.

Automate invoicing, billing, expenses, and payments - almost all aspects of your accounting so that you can focus on running your business.

Impress customers with professional looking invoices and get paid faster with online payments.
Complete and easy-to-use CRM software
Automate sales, marketing, and customer support in a single interface.

Track deal status and monitor team progress at a glance with an initiative dashboard.

Capture and share all the contact information instantly across your team.
Online payroll software
Generate payroll in seconds and only pay for the power users.

Empower employees to view payslips, apply for leaves, and file claims all by themselves.

Maintain detailed records for each employee including personal details, payroll history, leave history, and reimbursement history in a single place.
Award-winning mobile app
All-in-one super app designed for today’s workforce that’s always on the go.

Include all features to run your business: invoicing, accounting, inventory management, CRM, payroll management, and an inbuilt chat feature.

Access to all the tools on the go with a tap. All you need is a handphone and an internet connection.
Satisfaction. Delivered
Satisfaction. Delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my business in Malaysia?
Once you have registered the Sales and Service Tax, you will get your SST registration number. You are required to enter the Sales and Service Tax registration number when creating your organization in Deskera Books.

In the compliance section when creating a new company, you’re required to enter your business registration number, the sales tax registration number, or service tax registration number, indicate if your company is eligible for the exemption, and lastly, select the exemption reason. Save the record of the company details.
Can I apply tariff codes in Deskera Books?
With Deskera Books, under the Products module on the sidebar menu, when you’re creating a new product, you are required to fill in the fields as shown, especially the tariff code, default tax rate if your products are taxable, and if your products are non-taxable, indicate the exemption reason.
Where can I apply Schedule A, B, and C exemptions on Deskera Books?
When you’re creating a new organization in the Deskera Book, you’re required to indicate if your business is registered for exemption. If yes, you’ll have to provide the exemption number, expiry date and indicate the exemption criteria that apply to you. Indicating the right exemption criteria enables our system to generate an accurate Report in compliance.
What is the Penalty For the Late Payment of Tax?
For any Corporate Account payment (B2B), the minimum payment is RM2 to a maximum of RM 100 million . On the other hand for Individual Account, the minimum payment is RM 1 to a maximum of RM 100, 000 . Do note that you’ll have to pay at Customs Processing Center by cheque if your total paid amount exceeded the maximum limit .
Why should I indicate my Vendor Type when Creating a Contact in Deskera Books?
When you’re adding a contact in Deskera Books, you should come across the vendor type section . There are three options you can choose from when indicating the type of the vendor your contact’s . Indicating the right vendor type on Deskera Books during the creation of contact enables us to map the information accurately to the SST-02 Report .
What types of tax reports I can generate in Deskera Books?
With Deskera Books you are able to generate SST-02 Report, Sales Tax Return and Service Tax Return, which will help you to file your taxes on time.