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Work Order Management

Solving Work Order Puzzles One Click at a Time

Automate the creation and assignment of work order tasks, and track progress and completion in real-time. Keep an eye on resources, costs and time for each order, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Complete Operational Transparency

It provides a clear, real-time view of your workflow to empower better control and informed decision.


It ensures that your operations remain agile and adaptable such that you are always able to meet your growing demands.

Live Progress Tracking

It keeps you updated about the task statuses for superior operational control.

Demand Forecasting

Unlocking Tomorrow's Potential with Precision Demand Forecasting

Stay one step ahead with smart inventory management. Make precise predictions to keep customers happy and supercharge supply chains. Improve sales projections and take control of inventory like never before.

AI-powered insights

It facilitates data-driven predictions and actionable recommendations for smarter decision making.

Reduced Stockouts and Overstock

By providing precise predictions, it optimizes inventory levels, resulting in cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Customized Forecasting Models

Tailor your predictions to your specific business needs, optimizing accuracy and decision-making.

Production Planning

Production Planning Simplified, Results Magnified

Plan your production effortlessly. Schedule tasks, manage resources, and hit deadlines, All in One Place. Monitor production costs and boost efficiency with powerful in-depth analytics and predictions.

Streamline Operations

It will ensure efficient resource allocation and scheduling for optimal workflow.

Minimize Downtime

This is achieved by optimizing schedules, and resource allocation, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Maximize Output

This is accomplished by resource allocation and process optimization to boost productivity.


Supercharge Your Workflow with Flawless WIP Tracking

Keep tabs on your work as it happens. See how things are going, find problems fast, and make the most of your resources and materials. Get instant reports to know your work-in-progress status.

Effortless Visibility

It provides real-time insights for streamlined operations, thus improving operational efficiency.

Real-Time Updates

This ensures timely and informed decision-making for enhanced efficiency.

Streamlined Workflow Management

It promotes efficient and organized operations, as well as instant visibility and improved decision making.

Multi Level Bill of Materials

Streamline Your Builds Using Redefined Multi-Level BOMs

Manage product structures with ease using our Multi-Level Bill of Materials. Easily spot components and their subparts, and keep tabs on where they go, and what they cost.

Effortless Assembly Management

Provide a clear and organized structure for components and sub-assemblies, simplifying production processes and reducing errors.

Comprehensive Component Tracking

This facilitates precise inventory control and smoother production processes with reduced material waste.

Cost Optimization

Make informed business decisions, reduce expenses and enhance profitability, while ensuring product quality and consistency.

Material Requirement Planning

Fueling Efficiency, Revolutionizing Material Planning

Simplify your material and inventory planning for production. Easily monitor what’s needed, track stock levels, plan orders smartly, and boost purchasing and production efficiency.

Maximize Resource Utilization

This is made possible by ensuring the right materials are available at the right time, reducing waste, and improving efficiency.

Minimize Waste

This is achieved by optimizing inventory levels, reducing excess materials, and enhancing resource efficiency.

Ensure Timely Production

This is accomplished by accurately forecasting material needs, coordinating resources, and minimizing delays.

Yield Calculation and Finished Goods Costing

Maximize Your Returns with Precision Yield and Costing Solutions

Easily calculate yield and finished goods cost. Automatically record production expenses and evaluate product profitability. Create reports to gauge competitive pricing, empowering you to stay competitive in pricing.

Improved Product Pricing

This is accomplished through access to precise cost data, guaranteeing the implementation of competitive and profitable pricing strategies.

Boost Profits

Accurately determine production costs, optimize pricing strategies, and reduce wastage, to boost profits and achieve financial success.

Real-Time Costing

Guaranteed up-to-the-minute visibility into production expenses, enabling agile decision-making for cost control and profitability

By-product and Scrap Management

Transform Burdens to Opportunity with By-Product and Scrap Management Solutions

Stay on top of the by-products and scraps by precisely tracking them, and their associated costs and profits. Ensure accurate accounting in your inventory. Monitor how they are used in production or sold as finished goods.


Minimize waste and adopt eco-friendly disposal practices, fostering environmentally responsible operations.

Minimize Waste

Optimize resource allocation and implement efficient recycling and disposal methods, leading to cost savings and minimized wastes.

Regulatory Compliance

Facilitating proper documentation and disposal practices, reducing legal risks and promoting adherence to environmental regulations.

Machine Management

Maximize Machine Potential through Masterful Equipment Management

Effortlessly track and boost performance, upgrade maintenance scheduling, and automate data collection for your machines. Get clear insights, minimize downtime, and amp-up productivity.

Elevate Uptime

It is achieved through effective machine management, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity.

Optimize Machine Efficiency

Schedule regular maintenance, monitor performance data, and promptly identify and address issues.

Fine-Tune Maintenance

Attain this by analyzing performance data, scheduling preventive measures, and swiftly addressing issues such that costly breakdowns are reduced.

Contract Manufacturing

Optimize Production Partnerships, Simplify Success

Streamline outsourced production with automated planning, scheduling, and tracking with our integrated tools. Keep tabs on costs and job progress. Get a clear picture from supplier selection to order fulfillment.

Seamless Collaboration

Promote efficient partnerships and collaborative production by incorporating external expertise, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced product quality.

Efficient Production

Leveraging external expertise and resources to optimize manufacturing processes and achieve cost-effective, high-quality products.

Simplified Supply Chain Management

It is achieved through centralized production, which leads to improved efficiency and cost savings in procurement and distribution.

Production Reports

Empowering Action with Insightful Production Reports

Illuminate the path to excellence by creating detailed production reports to keep an eye on costs, efficiency and profitability of production operations. Track production processes, spot problem areas, and identify ways to save money.

Informed Decision-Making

It provides valuable data for data-driven choices that optimize operations, and maximizes profitability.

Real-Time Insights

Enables immediate data-driven decisions to optimize resources, enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Precision Production Planning

Enabling you to optimize workflows and resource allocation based on accurate data analysis.

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