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Improving Learning ExperienceLegacy

Improving Learning Experience with LMS Software Legacy

LMS Content ManagementLegacy

Learning Content Management System (LCMS) allows you to publish and deploy media-rich content. Pre-loaded templates as well as test, assessment and collaboration tools allow you to design SCORM-conformant courses without prior programming knowledge. With LMS Learning Content Management system you can easily validate and publish SCORM compliant courseware with two clicks.

LMS Virtual ClassroomsLegacy

Virtual communication has all of the benefits of personalized training minus the travel expenses. Virtual training classrooms brings your students together allowing you to use live e-learning tools to conduct local, regional, or international online seminars. With our virtual classroom platforms you can easily host local, regional, or international online seminars.

LMS Instructor-Led Training (ILT)Legacy

Instructor-led training guarantees that your students gains knowledge and insight while attending virtual classroom sessions with others students. Instructor-led training not only ensures students engagement and a thriving blended learning environment, but also maximizes student’s development plans.

LMS Social CollaborationLegacy

LMS Social collaboration tools deliver a complete business social networking and student collaboration platform. This includes communities of practice, rich user profiles, expertise location, tag clouds, status updates, live feed views, rating/sharing content, knowledge management, blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, and more.

Benefits of LMSLegacy

  • Streamlines Training processes
  • Delivers engaged and motivated training
  • Scalability and wider reach
  • Easy and secure exchange of learning data
  • Technology Leverage
  • Flexible access to training resources
  • Multiple learning channels
  • Multiple Media Formats
  • Reduced dependency
  • Increased Interaction
  • Innovated tools of learning

Deskera Cloud Benefits for LMSLegacy

  • Delivered On-Demand
  • Cloud Hosted
  • No Installation
  • No Setup Needed
  • No Maintenance
  • No Hardware

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