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Benefits of LMS

Benefits of Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning management system (also known as LMS software) is very important for all educational Institutes to systematically manage all learning activities and the learning and development of their students and faculty.

Manage and track student’s Learning with an LMS

A Learning Management System (LMS) is software that automates the administrative tasks of training, such as registering students, tracking courses in a catalog, recording & tracking student’s data, charting a students’ progress, delivering eLearning to students. The best learning management system (LMS) can streamline all the administrative effort, making it easy to ensure each students are receiving the appropriate training.

Facilitate e-learning with an online learning platform

Virtual Classroom Software enables real-time collaboration and delivery of online lectures. As Virtual Classroom Software is a highly interactive platform that uses video conferencing technology to simulate a real classroom environment where in participants interact face to face with the professor by asking questions, discussing just like in a real classroom. Virtual Classroom software is loaded with powerful collaboration tools such as a WYSIWYG Whiteboard, Video Conferencing, Screen-sharing, Q&A Engine, Session Recording, etc.

Consolidate all Learning information into one system with an LMS

The best LMS software helps you to maintain all your learning information in a single, consolidated system. It allows you to maintain a catalog of re-usable learning objects with advanced search capabilities, create question banks with choice of question types and difficulty levels, and maintain an assignment repository with standard assignment templates and facility to upload documents. Furthermore, one can also edit learning content and insert pictures, links, videos and more using the rich content editor.

Reduce Learning costs with an LMS

The best LMS Software can reduce your administrative costs in a variety of ways, including enabling the cost-savings of e-learning e.g. less travel, accommodation, more work time available, lower teaching costs, etc as well as streamlining the administration of training programs across your institution.

Tracking and Reporting for Enhanced Performance with an LMS

The LMS Software allows academic institutions to track student’s performance against the learning path, review records of success, and register for additional courses. Academic Institutions can offer these courses through various media including instructor led training, web-based training, or webinars.

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