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Creative agency of all types- Event, Advertising, Media, PR, or Digital work with multiple clients and projects at any given point in time. As the numbers start to grow, it is impossible to keep track of all clients '/projects' day-to-day profitability. That is where business starts to get challenging-the business is growing, but profitability is not.

Streamline your growing business with Deskera's easy and intuitive All-In-one software. Stay updated with all the projects and get a real-time view of cash flow from anywhere, anytime.

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Always Know Which Projects Are Making Money
Do you find it difficult to analyze where you're spending the most on your client projects?

Deskera makes the job easy for you by allowing you to track each of the expenses by its cost center. Fetch cost center or cost category analysis reports to analyze which of the expenses are costing you the most and work on them to get the desired profit from each of the client projects.

Accurate and Efficient Budgeting
Budgeting is vital for every agency. Keep tabs on your day-to-day business cash-flow on your dashboard. Get a real-time overview of bills, view total payables, overdue bills, and more at a glance on the dashboard

You can effortlessly map each bill to the respective project with custom fields and view your project-based profit and loss statement in a few clicks.

Real-time Accounts Aging
While invoicing is critical, it is crucial to keep track of the money that has not come in. Deskera books give you access to a detailed accounts aging report to know how much money is still unpaid at any given point in time

Vendor Management Made Easy
Any agency owner will tell you how difficult it is to keep track of multiple vendors across different projects. It's especially true for creative/ media agencies as they are mostly doing the heavy lifting for clients. Managing vendors and finding the right vendor at the best cost is a considerable part of an agency's success.

Classify Vendors and define various parameters for each of your vendors with the help of Deskera Books. Apply the criteria you need to find the right vendor for the job, making vendor management a breeze.

Procurement Made Simple
Procure material from the ideal vendor at the best rates. Agencies are heavily dependent on procurement and production managers as they are the central point of all procurement data, which can sometimes lead to a crisis.

Accounting automation will help you solve this human problem by keeping a real-time analysis of your vendors' recent purchases, ensuring you always stay updated with the costing details. While it makes the life of the procurement manager easy, it also gives you access to take an informed call in case of emergency.

Invoice Anywhere In The World
Agencies often work on global projects or with international clients delivering in multiple countries and always struggle to raise compliant multi-currency invoices.

Deskera allows you to list all such services and record revenue earned from each client across the globe. It helps you generate Invoices with correct taxation details for each of the service type and share directly with your Clients. Deskera Books’ multi currency feature supports more than 120 currencies available worldwide. Also, the exchange rates are updated in real-time. Invoicing was never so easy.

Custom Deal Pipeline Tracking
If you own an agency - creative, advertising digital or events, you understand that you are working simultaneously on multiple accounts of various sizes. No business is a small business. It is critical that you don't let any lead slip away, and deskera CRM helps you do the same.

Now configure your custom sales pipeline in a matter of minutes. Setup your CRM sales pipeline the way you want. Make sure deals are moving across pipeline stages to closure. It ensures that you have real-time access to all sales movement across regions and project.

One to Many Email Campaign
Nobody understands the value of e-mailer campaigns better than agencies of any type as you need to keep clients continually, partners' event attendees informed. Create a beautiful and conversion-oriented email marketing campaign with our awesome looking email templates.

Schedule your campaign and measure the success with detailed analytics on open rates and click-through parameters. You can use the email campaign tool to generate more leads, keep your subscribers engaged, share important updates, or upsell your products.

All Your Contacts In One Place
With the Deskera CRM solution, you can maintain all your contacts, be it businesses or individuals, in one place. Link individual contacts to their business entries to easily track people by organizations. It is a game-changer while organizing events, conferences or running client-specific campaigns.

Customize Leaves For Every Employee
Personalize the leave type for each team member depending on his contract and manage Leaves easily. This is key for an agency as employees work on different terms- freelance, contract, limited hours, limited time period. Leave flexibility makes the payroll process much easier for the HR team.

Customized Tagging Of Payroll Components As Per Employee Level
Deskera offers you the option to customize salary components for your employees, depending on their role. Offer a unique set of pay components to each of your team members as per their position. It works as a great motivator as the employee feels more in charge of his money.

Click and Claim Expenses
Deskera mobile has changed the way your employees will claim expenses. With the barcode reader and the click and claim option, you can click the picture of the receipt, and the system will automatically update all the details.

We know with experience that expense claims are a very time-consuming process in agencies, as employees have to settle the money from events, shoots, meetings.

Deskera solves this issue by allowing your teams to scan Receipts and raise expense claims quickly. Convert the manual claims process to 100% automated claim processing only by usage of our Mobile App. Approvals can also happen with the mobile app on the go.

Satisfaction. Delivered
Satisfaction. Delivered

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