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LIn today’s competitive world all companies faces major challenge and cost in managing effective training for employees. So the solution is Learning Management System (LMS) as it is a single platform to deliver online, physical and blended training. Learning Management Software system (LMS) empowers you to track your employees’ training and education which is needed to complete their job at the highest level of success. LMS software is becoming widely popular as organizations and companies begin using it for training purposes as well. You can quickly and easily track employee training, certifications and qualifications by employee, location or branch. LMS software also allows you create employee profiles, assign classes, track attendance and facilitate employee access to view their class offerings and schedule. Employees can log in from home and complete training courses and exercises for continued education classes and certification through their employers.

Business benefits of LMS Software for Companies

  • Single platform to deliver online, physical and blended training.
  • Set up base fee plans, discount plans, scholarships and criteria for applications with LMS.
  • Global delivery- support for multiple time-zones, currencies, languages with LMS.
  • Create, Publish and Share Learning Content in Real Time with LMS.
  • Connect, Communicate and Work Together to Achieve Training Objectives.
  • Corporate can deploy multiple self-paced trainings over LMS with ease now.
  • Corporate can administer their entire training programs through LMS.
  • Management can have a complete control on its learning and training department and assess continuous progress of learners.
  • Corporate have many internal processes and need to hold regular trainings for existing and new employees.
  • With LMS deployment, it makes it very cost-effective for corporate to run multiple trainings.

Benefits of LMS

  • Streamlines Training processes
  • Delivers engaged and motivated training
  • Scalability and wider reach
  • Easy and secure exchange of learning data
  • Technology Leverage
  • Flexible access to training resources
  • Multiple learning channels
  • Multiple Media Formats
  • Reduced dependency
  • Increased Interaction
  • Innovated tools of learning

Deskera Cloud Benefits for LMS

  • Delivered On-Demand
  • Cloud Hosted
  • No Installation
  • No Setup Needed
  • No Maintenance
  • No Hardware

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