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Easily manage your company's contacts with an effective contact management system. Streamline communication with customers and vendors, maintain an up-to-date database of contact information, and quickly access any contact details when needed. Keep track of customer service inquiries, sales leads, and other communication with ease. Automatically sync with your existing customer relationship management software to ensure all data is up to date. Create custom contact fields to store any relevant information. Easily search and filter contacts by name, company, or any other custom field. Quickly export contact information as needed. Automatically back up contact data to ensure it is always secure. Utilize additional features like email templates and task management to further streamline communication.

Track customer interactions and communications to build strong customer relationships.

Monitor customer feedback and preferences to provide personalized customer service.

Utilize customer data to identify opportunities for new products and services.

Key Features of Contact Management
with Deskera ERP.

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