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Do you want to set up your company in Indonesia?
With Deskera Books, you can define your company's tax registration number, add VAT/PPN, and enable excise tax. It helps you pay taxes to the Indonesian Government for sales and purchases accurately and in no time.

Mapping Taxes Made Easy

Deskera Books allows you to map Excise tax, Value Added Tax/PPN, and Withholding tax for goods/ services and contacts with ease.
Apply all these taxes to sales and purchase transactions, and the rate will be captured from the product and contact you have created.

Get Tax Reports at One Place

Do you want to pay your taxes on time with zero errors?
Deskera Books make it easy for you to generate your tax reports when you need it. It allows you to file your tax returns on time with no-error.

Powerful Indonesia Tax Features

Automatic VAT calculation for invoices
Pre-configured VAT/PPN rates in the system
Easy customization of tax rates for your business
Add Withholding tax rates
Deactivate taxes from the system if not in use
Set up an excise tax rate to products, invoice
Auto-calculate the Excise tax before VAT calculation
Generate all tax reports based on accurate real-time data
Helps to file your taxes on time with the accurate system-generated tax report
Export the tax reports in excel format

Improve Your Productivity

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What is the VAT rate in Indonesia?

VAT is applicable for sales of goods and services within Indonesia at a rate of 10%. VAT on the export of goods is zero-rated, while the import of goods is subject to VAT at a rate of 10%.
In Deskera Books, all these taxes are pre-configured, which can be applicable for your buy and sales transactions in the system.

Where can I add NPWP number in Deskera Books?

In Deskera Books, while creating a new organization, under the compliance section as a business owner, you have an option to define your company's NPWP tax registration number. You can also add the NPWP number while creating contacts in the system.

Can I edit/delete the taxes already created in the system?

Unfortunately, you have an option to edit/delete the taxes already added to the system.

How can I map excise tax using Deskera Books?

Any VAT registered business owner in Indonesia can calculate Excise on manufactured goods.
Using Deskera Books, any business owner can set up an excise tax rate to products, Sales Invoice / Quotation, Purchase Invoice, and auto-calculate the Excise tax on them before VAT calculation.

What are the types of tax reports I can generate using Deskera Books?

Using Deskera Books, you can generate PPN Masukan (VAT IN), PPN Keluaran (VAT OUT), Sales Transaction Summary Report, Purchase Transaction Summary Report. These reports are further be submitted to the Government for tax filing.