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Labor MasterLegacy

Reduce Labor cost by improving process flow Legacy

Update labor skills, define resource cost, resolve resource conflict via Deskera MRP’s Labor Master module.

Create Labor

Easily add personal details such as Employee ID, First Name and Last Name. Select Work Centre, assign Key Skills and enter shift timings to track resource hours.

Track Resource Cost

Resource usage can be tracked by defining and allocating activity costs and using comprehensive workload reports.

Resolve Resource Conflict

Get a comprehensive view of Resource Name and Resource Type via Resource List as well as Task Name, Start Date and End Date via Task List. You can resolve the conflicted task from the Task List.

web based erp software

Deskera MRP Labor Master module manages complete labor information such as skills, shift timings, task assigned and more. Manage efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources to accelerate productivity and success.

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