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What is Mobile LMS?

A mobile LMS System lets students and faculty use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of the learning programs, classroom, online events and learning content. With mobile enabled LMS software, you save valuable students and faculty time spent in going through the regular LMS processes, which can now be done even while they are on the move. The best mobile LMS enables faculty to create, deploy and manage learning and e-training content, publish courses and place them in an online catalog and/or assign courses to learners.

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Benefits of Cloud Business Software

  • Productivity
  • Implementation
  • Mobility
  • Scalability
  • Security

Who can use mobile LMS?

Mobile LMS can be used by all the members of academic institution who want to access the Self Service features of your LMS Software. This includes students, faculty members, administrators and other mobile workers on the go. A Mobile LMS should have an easy-to-use interface on a familiar mobile device so that your students can easily update their data and access the course content.

What are the key features of Mobile LMS?

The most important feature of a mobile LMS is its ability to provide Students Self Service and Faculty Self Service. The main aim of making the LMS software mobile is to provide the remote access to the students so that they can access their course content and find out their test scores, course completion status and more.

What to look for in a mobile LMS solution?

When choosing a mobile LMS solution, you need to ensure some essential factors which serve the purpose of using the mobile LMS fully. The LMS software should provide controllable access to student’s data through the use of a mobile device. For example you should be able to disable access to exams related data for the faculty if you do not want them to work on the exams from remote locations.

What are the reasons to adopt mobile LMS?

  • Mobile LMS helps in real-time access to student’s data, documents and course content.
  • Mobile LMS helps in connectivity with students which is very important and crucial for every student centered learning.
  • Mobile LMS leads to a higher and better adoption of LMS software.
  • Mobile LMS also helps in social networking as provides the ability to check the social network profiles of other students.

How to improve Learning Experience with Mobile LMS?

Mobile LMS helps all academic institutions to implement strategies that are more students-centric and helps to improve students’ learning experience. With a mobile LMS solution, students and faculty can access ESS and manage their regular learning related tasks like tracking of reports, student’s progress, course completion status, test scores and more.
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