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CRM for Higher EducationLegacy

CRM for Higher Education Legacy

The use of CRM by higher education institutions is growing.Having proven the efficiency of CRM in managing student relationships more effectively, institutions are rapidly shifting from CRM as a niche system to CRM as an institution wide application.

CRM applications targeted at higher education allow institutions to build stronger relationships with students and other constituents. Educational institutions overwhelmingly recognize that prospective and in order to support their students, institutions are targeting admissions and enrolment, student services, and financial aid as the areas driving CRM investment. Successful CRM strategies enrich and support the student life cycle by strengthening relationships with candidates, students, and alumni using tools such as online self-service and call center CRM software. Educational CRM solutions adapt to the unique contextual characteristics and requirements of institutional end users.

The CRM enables secure access of essential information by student, faculty and alumni and empowers them to manage and control their information; the administrators can concentrate on activities and processes that would have rewarding impact on the University—such as focusing on satisfying the student and retention programs.

The CRM will kick start the marketing and campaigns that attracts the targeted segment as well as help in raising funds. The marketing technique will help the University to meet their goal such as meeting the target student enrollment for a program. Personalized mailing campaign would help to initiate and maintain communication. The Institute can monitor the prospect’s responses and initiate follow-up communications appropriately. Depending on the information furnished by the student the University can then customize the home page and portal to suit the candidate.

A CRM for educational institutes should therefore cater to the following:

  1. Student segmentation
  2. Student contact management
  3. Quickly communicate and send targeted communications to teachers, parents, community leaders, and donors
  4. Track student, teacher, parent, and donor communication, regardless of channel
  5. Provide a complete view of individual donors and maintain accurate communication histories
  6. Central repository for all your marketing campaigns including activities, resources and expected responses
  7. Create target lists for campaigns easily by importing prospective customers from your leads, contacts, accounts or quickly adding them as your target contacts
  8. Gain insights into student preferences and demand patterns based on historical reports
  9. Swift responses to online inquiries, emails, written communication and phone calls from prospective students and other customers

Benefits of CRMLegacy

  • Better Customer Service
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Better Customer Retention
  • Increased Cross-selling
  • Increased repeat business
  • Instant access to customer history
  • Cost reduction through online Support

Deskera Cloud Benefits for CRMLegacy

  • Delivered On-Demand
  • Cloud Hosted
  • No Installation
  • No Setup Needed
  • No Maintenance
  • No Hardware

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