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Managing your pipeline should be easy. Our CRM makes that a reality.

Get full visibility into your pipeline, deals, sales performance and revenue opportunities. Our CRM arms teams and sales leads with the tools they need to always have your finger on the pulse of your contacts & pipeline.

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Responsive Landing Pages

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A User Experience That You Won't Leave You Frustrated & Stressed
This is the best way to keep your contacts easily organized. The ultimate sales productivity tool is here. Quickly create activities to keep you or your team accountable with dates associated with them.

Use and unlock opportunities with our CRM in 20 minutes or less.
Reach The Right Leads At The Right Time
It's impossible to forget who you need to follow up with and when you need to send them a quote with Deskera CRM. Activities will keep you on track and ensure that you're following up with your leads at the right time with the right information. Stay on top of your A-game consistently.
Manage & See Your Entire Pipeline With Ease
Our visual pipeline view gives you an easy way to see how your prospects and deals are moving through your pipeline. No more manually tracking in a spreadsheet. Update deals status with ease by dragging and dropping them into new stages within your pipeline.
Customize Your Pipeline Dashboard For Your Sales Engine
We know that every organization sells differently and have built our CRM with that top of mind. Create a sales pipeline flow that is rooted in your own sales cycle. Add custom stages and fields that are relevant and appropriate to your team.
Collaborate With Multiple Revenue Leaders & Reps
Collaborate on deals directly within the CRM. Communicate with colleagues, coach colleagues and support colleagues without using different tools. We make sales collaboration easy. Assign activities to colleagues with ease and make collaboration a key factor for driving sales and revenue wins.
Accelerate Productivity & Establish Sales Excellence
View all your sales activities in a calendar view to plan your day efficiently. Schedule activities, tasks, meetings, emails, and more with your contacts or deals. Receive instant reminders and notifications for overdue activities.

Create, manage, and track activities for your team members on the Deskera web and mobile app. Follow up on your deals and contacts by creating linked activities.
Close Deals Faster with Sales Pipelines
Act on and close deals faster. Just set up activities and get reminded when it is time to reach out to a contact.

Move deals around different stages of your sales pipeline as they mature, and keep a close eye on the critical ones.

Build your custom pipeline to mirror your sales funnel and let your sales team go full throttle.
Smart Segmentation For Better Sales Communication
Each sales contact is different. The person who downloaded the free eBook needs a different approach from the person who signed up for a free trial or added a product to the cart.

Segmentation makes this possible.

Add contacts to the desired segments automatically. Run personalized campaigns for different segments, or just split a segment into two for some good old A/B testing.
Get Real-Time Insights with Dashboard
Making the correct business decision isn’t always easy. Stay up-to-date with real-time sales insights on the dashboard.

View open and won deals statistics, deal status by team members, activity reminders, and more at a glance on the dashboard. Track your deals and monitor team progress with an intuitive dashboard.
Manage Your Team Effectively
Organize your sales staff into teams to track their performance. Create different teams to get a clear picture of the deals and activities they are working on.

Evaluate sales team performance by viewing real-time insights on your dashboard. Set records visibility by the team so that they are only visible to your team.
Create Conversion Forms & Funnels With Ease
Build conversion forms and funnels to drive your visitors towards paid conversions, upsells, and cross-sells.

Select a high-conversion funnel template, or create one from scratch. Build as many funnels as you want.

Track the performance of each step in the funnel and optimize it based on actionable data.
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Even More Powerful Deskera CRM Features
✓ Automate your sales, marketing, and customer support in one platform
✓ Build responsive landing pages faster
✓ Make conversion funnels to achieve your business objectives
✓ Sell more on the go with our award-winning mobile app
✓ An intuitive and straightforward interface that requires minimal training
✓ Make smarter business decisions with real-time analytics on the dashboard
✓ Get real-time notifications for overdue activities with web and mobile applications
✓ Easily import your existing data from spreadsheets within seconds
✓ Manage your data visibility
✓ Create professional email templates
✓ Create segments and send personalised emails
✓ Brand your helpdesk by uploading logo and banner
✓ Improve performance with team activity management
Boost your productivity
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize sales pipelines according to my business needs?
Yes, Deskera CRM software lets you configure pipeline stages as per your business requirements.
Can I create multiple sales pipelines in Deskera CRM?
Yes, you can create multiple pipelines for different products and markets.
Can I set up a help center or knowledge base in Deskera CRM?
Yes, Deskera CRM Software lets you set up your help center. You can create and manage articles, sections, and maintain your knowledge base with Deskera CRM.
What is a CRM?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you build and maintain relationships with customers and prospects. CRM software lets you create and maintain a comprehensive profile for your customers and prospects. CRM software has all the features right from lead generation to customer support.
Do I need a CRM?
Yes, all businesses, either small or big, should use CRM software to manage and support their current and future customer relationships. Without CRM software, your team will spend a lot of time in manual data entry and will not have access to the right information at the right time.
Who should use CRM software?
CRM software is mainly used by business owners, sales, marketing, service, and customer support teams to manage the current and future customers.
I use spreadsheets to maintain my prospect's and customer's data. How can I migrate to CRM software?
With Deskera CRM software, you can quickly import your existing contact database from an Excel file within seconds.
What are the key features of a CRM?
The key features of a CRM are contacts management, deal management, sales force automation, customer support, knowledgebase management, sales team performance management, analytics, track communications, email marketing, activity management, team collaboration, sales pipeline management, and more.
Can I customize Deskera CRM?
Yes, you can customize the CRM software according to your business needs. You can create custom fields to add additional information specific to your business. You can also create custom pipelines for your different products and markets.
Can CRM software help me to improve customer service?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables businesses to provide efficient support to their customers. With CRM software, you can create a help site for your customers to find all the answers they need.

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