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Gain complete control over your Sales and Purchases
Our unique single-document flow that lets you begin your sales with a quotation. This quotation can smoothly be converted into an invoice by the tap of a button. At different stages, you can add notes to your transactional records so you are always on top of your sales. Deskera accounting software has robust financial applications with self-guided tools and zero complexity. These features let you manage your invoicing and books seamlessly.
Seamless Financial Reports
Deskera’s accounting software lets you manage your complete business needs. With this powerful accounting solution, buying and selling are extremely easy for businesses. An intuitive dashboard shows you a snapshot of all your invoices, purchases, and sales. Therefore, you have one dashboard to observe and manage your business with ease. Better collaboration, 24/7 access, and real-time sharing of updates are some of the top benefits of Deskera accounting software.
Keep track of your Inventory
Inventory management is a loaded word. We have made it really simple for you. With multiple fields and categories, you can view the real-time count of products and manage multiple warehouses. These features allow you to align them with accounting and smart invoicing. With complete integration into the accounting system, you can manage inventory valuation, cost of goods sold and other important metrics that matter the most for your products with ease.
Easy Payments Integration
With over 500+ banks across 120+ countries, connecting your bank with accounting software has never been more comprehensive. Our in-built Bank-Connect feature helps you connect your accounts directly with all leading banks for reconciliation. With smooth payment gateway integrations you can connect your invoicing and easily collect payments from your customers using ACH, Wire transfer or Credit Card methods.
US Tax Compliant.
Deskera Accounting software takes care of your local tax compliance. No matter where you are in the United States our tax compliant software fulfills all your business needs. Compliance with the US accounting standards makes Deskera Accounting a robust software for your use.
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