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Employee Self Service with HRMS Software

Employee Self Service with HRMS Software – Empower your employees

HRMS Software lets you empower employees to manage data on their own with the Employee Self Service, providing you the opportunity to reclaim valuable time and focus on critical initiatives.Free up your HR department allowing them to deal with more important strategic initiatives instead handling a barrage of employee requests which can be about number of leaves remaining, previous payslips, timesheets etc.

HRMS software Employee Self Service can provide answers to all these questions and more directly to the employees. It allows Employees to individually access HR & other employee related information anytime, from anywhere, through a secure web portal.

All the employee related information is maintained in a central database in the HRMS Software and it forms the core of the solution; all functions access, leverage, and update this data in real time. The HRMS software automatically checks and dates all data as it is entered.

Employees and managers can directly access information that is up-to-date and consistent without having to deal with the HR department using the HRMS Software.

Online Expense Claims with HRMS E-Claims software

HRMS E-Claims Software (Online Expense Claims System)provides web-based paperless Claims Management for your employees. Employees can themselves keep track of their Claims Application progress without getting the HR department involved.Thus employees can themselves manage all business travel issues, from travel approvals to trip planning to expense reports.

HRMS E-Claims Software maximizes your company’s productivity by allowing your employees to log-on to the company’s Site to submit claims online. All kinds of company defined expenses including Medical, Dental, Uniform, Transport and more can be submitted online. These Claims will be linked directly back to reimbursement payment system for end-to-end automation in the HRMS E-Claims Software.

HR professionals also benefit with streamlined Claims Management wherein they can generate monthly claim reports for each of the departmental heads. HR Administrators can easily assess employee’s current claim status, details and retrieve the data required for internal claim costing. All departmental heads also could easily monitor their staff’s claim.

The module reduces manual and paper work; it minimizes cost on paper wastage by automating online Claim application and approval work flow via the web. Staff will be notified via e-mail for claim application and reminders can also be set for supervisorsto monitor unapproved claim applications.

Online leave management with HRMS e Leave software

Employees can apply for leaves from leaves from the HRMS Leave Management eLeave system.The can also view their Employee Leave page where their leave balance and absence historyis displayed. Employees can enter both; Actual leaves taken and future leaves. They can also plan their emergency leaves effectively and submit time-off requests for manager’s approval. The system defines which leave type codes employees can choose.

Once the employee submits the Leave Request form for approval, they canview the status of the holiday request anytime. Updates and transactions route automatically to managers and HR staff for review. This includes an approval workflow which allows HR to verify the updates before approving the same. Employees can delete a future leave request or a past leave request that has not yet been approved. However, once the leave is approved and the leave date has passed; only the HR administrator can delete it.

The link to the Manager Leave Approval form appears on the manager’s home page. The form will display the leave requests of all that manager’s employees. Managers can click on the employee name to view the employee’s current leave balance and detailed leave information. The Leave Approval form can be sorted by employee name, leave request date, approval status, or by any other field in the form.

The manager can view the status of previous requests for all employees where he/she is an authorizer. He can approve or disapprove holiday requests online and adds comments. Approved leaves will be imported into HRMS and the employee leave balance will be automatically adjusted. The new leave balance will then be updated in HRMS. Line managers can view holiday and absence details for all employees within their department / function individually as well as in a group. In this view they can see the details of individual employees of a group. The System Administrator (and Payroll) can view the leave data of all employees through a special logon page.

Online e Pay slip

Allows employees to view and manage payroll through self service portals.Online Paystubs provide a smooth and affordable, transition to a 100% paperless solution. With your company’s data stored securely online, employees can access current and historical pay information online from anywhere they have an internet connection simply and efficiently, eliminating printing, distribution and reprinting costs and reclaiming valuable time through eliminated requests for reprints or supplying paystubs. It also maintains an online archive of all paystubs for quick reference by the employees.

Payroll is handled efficiently through the software by taking into account the attendance for the month. Appropriate heads like Basic, HRA, D.A, Conveyance, etc. can be created by the company and pay slips generated smoothly. For example, when an employee enrolls in a benefit, this information is automatically relayed to e pay slip, where the employee’s deduction is created.

It includes features to simplify your payroll management tasks:
Online cheques with complete pay stub information,

  • Compute gross-up payroll,
  • The ability to access employee/salary verification easily, and
  • Full visibility of pay history

An employee is assigned to payroll groups that are associated with codes defining the pay, deductions and taxes used to calculate payroll. A group of employees can be defined as hourly or salaried, or may be associated with schedules indicating when they work. Accordingly different types of pay slips can be generated for the different groups of employees.

From the moment your organization considers a candidate for on the job training, payroll system starts collecting the data that could become part of a permanent employee record. Once the person is hired, benefits, salary, skills and training and other vital information flows seamlessly into the integrated HR/Payroll system; this eliminates repetitive information keying and ensures data integrity.

Whether your organization has hundreds or thousands of employees, e pay slip delivers superior processing performance and unmatched integration of information across functional and departmental lines. It ensures data integrity by integrating benefits, salary, training and other vital information with each employee’s pay slip information.

Role based access: It is equipped with comprehensive administrative and workflow capabilities. Deskera e pay slip system provides exactly the level of security you need to manage personnel and payroll information, from single-employee-access-only via employee self service to full data-base accessibility for your leadership team. Viewing database changes can easily be accomplished via the online audit log.


Improved information accuracy, more efficient information flow, faster response times, more efficient workflows, lowered call volumes, paperless transactions and decreased administrative hassles. At the same time, you can empower employees by providing information to them on a 24 x 7 basis.

Automate costly and time-consuming processes by bringing them online. Automation results in savings in time, effort and a qualitative improvement in the HR services. The end result is speedy decision making, enhanced employee satisfaction and significant savings.

Satisfaction. Delivered