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HRMS Best Practices

HRMS Best Practices

With the right HRMS Software, your organization can achieve excellence by practicing the right policies and processes.

Right Environment

Use your HRMS software to capture all feedback from your employees on their workplace environment. Then strive to create a similar environment making sure it is healthy and safe for your employees. This will go a long way in boosting Employee morale and long retention.

Sharing information with Employees

Using the HRMS Software to share information about sales, clients, objectives of the management, company policy, ensures that the employees remain enthusiastic and trust their work. Through a good HRMS Software you can gradually create participative management processes and make your work force more creative. HRMS Software lets you make employees a part of your strategic decisions, aligning them to the objectives of the company. Openness helps in building trust & motivates employees. The HRMS Employee Self Service Software, and Manager Self Service,are the right the tools available to the management to engage in this best practice.

Performance dependent Salary components

A good HRMS Payroll Software with provision for bonuses or havinga variable compensation plan is a huge incentive for the employees. But it can also turn out to have a negative effect on them if it is not administered and communicated properly. For example, you can use your HRMS Software to design the Variable components in such a way that employees are able to understand that there is no payout of the component unless the company reaches a certain level of profitability. Additional criteria could be the team’s success and the individual’s performance.

360 Degree Performance Appraisal

HRMS Appraisal module, which invites feedback from senior employees (including the supervisor/manager), peers and subordinates,is the key method for collecting performance feedback. Unlike earlier days when employees had to get appraisal from only their managers, now the opinions of all their peers and subordinates also matter, especially if they are in a leadership role. Every member in the team is responsible for providing relevant and constructive appraisal. Such HRMS Appraisal systems also help in finding leadership qualities for higher positions in the company. Senior managers are able to use this feedback for adopting the management style to suit the growth of the company in alignment with the employees’ growth.

Well defined HRMS Evaluation System

Use your HRMS Software to develop an evaluation system that relates employees’ performance to corporate business goals and objectives. Configure your HRMS Software so that all employees have well defined reporting structure and relationship. Make Self-assessmentas a mandatory part of the appraisal module to empower employees. An HRMS System can make Performance evaluation unbiased by basing it on the records of periodic training& achievements of the employee over the period of evaluation. A good HRMS System will provide for appraisal by more than one level of management. So the HRMS System should be able to set a reviewer besides the immediate manager of an employee to review the appraisal.Appraisal review received from a related department across the organization,will add to the fairness of the system. For all subordinates under the same manager, an HRMS Software should provide Relative and Weighted Rating across common goals and competencies. This will increase the objectivity of the appraisal.A good HRMS System will support normalization of evaluation as well.

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