Deskera ERP

Account Management

Accurately record, organize, maintain and analyze financial data via Deskera Account Management

Managing financial health of your business can turn out to be a nightmare, but Deskera Account Management helps to gain a thorough understanding of the financial health.

Deskera ERP - Account Management - Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

Maintain all your accounts including income, expense, bank accounts and more. You can also export the account list in convenient formats as well as add sub-accounts to existing accounts.

Deskera ERP - Account Management - Journal Entry

Journal Entry

Make multiple journal entries at a time, reduce errors with pre-configured consistency checks and segregate accounts for applying automatic debit and credit rules. Record miscellaneous transactions which have not been recorded through customer or vendor transactions.

Deskera ERP - Account Management - Account Preferences

Account Preferences

Set financial year parameters, configure account settings, generate auto-numbering for invoices, journal entries, purchase orders, sales orders and more.

Deskera ERP Account Management

Deskera Account Management can record and manage all financial activities related to customers, vendors and inventory, while ensuring compliance with standard accounting policies. Deskera Integrated ERP system also includes bank account maintenance, financial statement development, and cash flow and financial performance analysis.

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