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ERP Software for Non-Profit Organizations

ERP Software for Non-Profit Organizations

Although the recession is already over, the path to financial recovery for most of the non-profit organizations continue. With round-the-year fluctuating revenue and budget reductions it is essential to fill this gap through effective delivery of services to residents, patients, employees, donors, volunteers, members and other constituents. This gap can be filled through erp for ngo – a complete nonprofit accounting software. Deskera’s non-profit ERP accounting software system in the cloud can help increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity by providing a business management solution that fits your needs.

Need for ERP Software Solutions for NGOs and Non-Profit Organizations

Over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are present in the U.S. These organizations comprise of churches, civic leagues, private foundations, public charities and more. Every organization possess an area of operational concerns. These are about ways of assembling resources and distributing them to everything that comes in between the process. For relationship management, most share the requirement of both a multi-location solution and CRM software. National Council of nonprofits reports that as of December 2016, there were 1,202,719 public charities and private foundations in the United States. About 62.6 million people, or 24.9% of Americans age 16 and older, volunteered through or for a nonprofit organization at least once between September 2014 and September 2015, averaging 52 hours annually per person. The estimated value of volunteer time for 2016 is $24.14 per hour, equaling an estimated $1.5 trillion.

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Benefits of ERP Accounting Software Solutions for Nonprofits Organization

Being said that, the main question of how “can a nonprofit benefit from ERP software?”

Benefits of an ERP software for nonprofit organizations helps greatly in management of grants, funds, commitment, budget and fundraisings. Listed below are few more advantages of nonprofit ERP:

  • Creates transparent processes across the organization
  • Modernises back-end administrative processes through rule-based workflows
  • Offers secure back-end tracking, processing and reporting of donations for audit and regulatory purposes
  • Improves decision making with quick, real-time financial information
  • Reduces data redundancy for more effective programs
  • Minimizes errors by automating processes

Deskera ERP for NGOs and Not for Profit Organizations will leverage your process with unimaginable benefits. Deskera delivers a top ERP systems for nonprofits, which is fully integrated, compliant and quick to deploy. Free database software for nonprofits lets you manage your financial transactions in a better way and put your business to standard practice. The nonprofit management ERP software because of its modular structure enables quick implementation and lets organizations to go live in days instead of months.

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