Take care of business on-the-go.

Desk Mobile gives you all the key accounting functions you need to track your financial health easily and accurately at any time.

Empower your employees

Give your employees the freedom to manage their attendance and leave from wherever they are. That’s what we call a convenient solution that helps employees who are always on the move.

Close deals with ease

Impress potential buyers by creating and sending accurate quotations with a single tap. You’ll be equipped with the ability to respond promptly to sales opportunities that can arise anytime.

Stay on top of your inventory.

Gain clarity on your inventory and product movements on a daily or monthly basis so you can make better purchasing decisions and be amply prepared to serve your customers.

Enjoy paperless finances

Go digital with your sales and purchase invoices, orders, deposits and expense tracking. It’s now possible to get hassle-free access to all of the above whenever, wherever.

Your financial information, a tap away.

Desk Mobile gives you all the key accounting functions you need to track your financial health easily and accurately at any time of the day. Every business document you create on the app is automatically updated with all your accounting information and presented in a snapshot for easy-viewing. Leave your books to us while you focus on scaling your business.

Chart of accounts

Journal entry

Profit and loss

Balance sheet

Trial balance


Keep track of vendor purchases.

Take advantage of our comprehensive and useful vendor payment tracker to prioritize important purchasing cycles. Remember a time when you had to track when and how you purchase manually? We don’t!


Stay connected with your colleagues.

Nothing moves work faster than seamless collaboration. With our chat functionality you can interact with your customers and colleagues all in one simple interface. Send that quote, negotiate that deal, share your latest metrics and let your colleagues know when you secured a win.


Monitor your financial reports.

Every time you create a financial document we automatically record it for the books. Our system is comprehensive and important financial metrics like chart of accounts, trial balance, journal entries are all a tap away.


Access all your business information on-the-go.

View detailed business updates anytime, anywhere. Our solutions help you make the most of your time, wherever your schedule takes you.

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The Desk Mobile accounting, finance and business android application is designed for the mobile workforce of today’s SME.


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