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CRM for Small Business

CRM for Small Business

Small businesses often have the same business processes, the same diverse back-office systems and the same complexity as large organizations. Although these companies have a lower turnover and a smaller workforce than large enterprises, they face the same challenge: to create and manage a consolidatedview of all its customers, so that they can offer profitable service and products.

Business growth brings the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) to the realization that it can no longer sustain the informal, regular personal interaction with its customers – often a differentiator that allowed it to compete successfully with larger rivals.

Disparate information systems are a characteristic of the information technology infrastructure of most businesses, small and large. Companies traditionally buy software to fulfill a particular business need – financials, e-mail, inventory, manufacturing, distribution. They have bought the product best suited to the business at the time.

Over the years the number of systems has increased, along with complexity and the lack of integration. This means the company faces difficulties basing decisions on different versions of the “truth" emanating from information that could be duplicated, conflicting and incomplete, resulting in several versions of the “truth".

Small business can use Free CRM to kick start CRM operations and then upgrade to a paid version when they have the right size. Free CRM benefits include Close customer understanding allowing the business to tailor their offerings in response to customer needs and new competitors.

A free CRM system can be a strategic tool for retaining customers and acquiring new ones as the business grows.

Free CRM features for Small Business

Free Campaign management for Small Business

For effective and economically feasible marketing campaigns, SMEs can leverage powerful campaign management capabilities of CRM systems. To reach out to a number of prospective customers through promotional newsletters is a widely leveraged feature of CRM system.

Free Lead management for Small Business

SMEs increasingly need to manage all their prospects through better lead management enabled efficiently in a CRM system.

Free Quotation and invoicing

With constraints on cost and effort, sales executives and managers in SMEs need tools to close sales quickly and effectively with a readily available Quotation and invoicing tools. A CRM with integrated quotation and invoicing tools allows quick reverts to clients resulting in shorter sales cycles.

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