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CRM For Real Estate

CRM For Real Estate

A CRM system provides a powerful sales, marketing, and customer service tool for real estate developers and home builders. A CRM for Real Estate specifically helps Property developers building new properties, developers converting rental properties, builders with large residential home complexes, and real estate Agents and brokers.

For automating your real estate sales process, a good CRM system makes it easy for you to create and manage each property in your portfolio – including information on Floor plans, site address, ownership details, history of ownership, market costs and more. This provides all the information you need on your fingertips, allowing quick reverts to all your clients.

Real Estate Agents need sales tracking software or a CRM like everyone else in sales. In Real Estate, you need to do your prospecting, sales follow-ups and customer service in a more efficient manner to manage a large number of Real Estate Prospects, so a CRM solution become essentialto gain a competitive edge. Prospects visiting to see your property need to be managed for optimal scheduling, letting them see your property at the right time convenient to them. A CRM system will help you schedule your client visits in an optimal manner

All Real estate Sales transactions are heavily dependent on proper documentation both from a legal as well as a sales perspective. Your CRM will organize and provide you ready access to all documents vital to the real estate sales and closing process. Your customers will require a number of documents related to the property starting from images of the site, to ownership and license certification. Availability of this wide range of documents can make or break your sales. A good CRM system will provide you complete document management including the ability to create documents like sales contract, leasing contract and more.

With a CRM you will be able to control access privileges to sensitive documents. The CRM will make it easy to store new hire paperwork, marketing literature, company forms, customer documents, project documents, personal documents and more. All of the documents can be easily included in emails or email templates for users with access to the documents.

A good CRM will allow all customer communication to be stored in their contact notes history log. A Web-based CRM will have the additional advantage of having all your documents available anytime and anywhere.