The Payroll Summary Report is a report for reviewing all payroll information for paid employees based on a date range.

With Deskera People, you can now generate the payroll summary report easily and get a summary of employee payroll activity with date range, or see pay components for a specific period or individual employees.

Follow the below steps to get the payroll summary report,

  1. 1. Go to the Reports tab on the sidebar menu>>A window will appear>>under Payroll Reports>>click on the Payroll Summary Report>>below screen will appear

2. Pay date - Select the date range to report. If you want to include a specific pay run, make sure the report period includes that pay run's pay day.

3. For  Employees, select all employees, specific employees to generate the report accordingly

4, After the required details are selected, you can generate this report in an excel format by clicking on the Export button.

With Deskera People, you can generate payroll Summary Report for countries like, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India.

Congratulation! You have successfully learnt, how to Generate Payroll Summary Report Using Deskera People.