eLeave is an electronic leave management system that allows you to apply for leave and manage the eLeave balances. After the implementation, everything will be handled and executed through the system without manual assistance.

Using Deskera eLeave, you can apply to leave using a web browser, iPhone, tablet, android phones. You can submit supporting documents along with the leave application for verification purposes. Besides that, you can check your leave application approval status, is approved, or is pending which approver. You can log in to a self- service portal to change the password.

Why Should SMEs use this?

  • Paperless environment, all the supporting documents are scanned by employees and are saved into the servers for record purposes.
  • With the eLeave system, leave processing becomes a transparent workflow, and it enhances employee-management relations
  • E-leave makes manual automatically tracks the leave history of every employee.
  • The report generating function allows HR Admin to quickly create leave balance reports or current leave applications which makes it easier to track employees’ leave application
  • Email notification for the leave application status. Email notification is triggered to both employee and employee on apply leave and approving leave, and This will generate Leave application report, leave balance report, leave history report, It can be group by department wise.

Deskera eLeave is a highly efficient system aimed at improving productivity and convenience among employees of an organization. It has a lot of benefits that also include enhancing communication in a workplace and prevents leave conflicts.

With an eLeave management system, the environment and atmosphere of business will improve and allow employees to work more productively and efficiently and contribute more to the business market.