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Why Invoice Templates?
You must send an invoice every time you score a new customer. If you delay the invoice creation, you delay the invoice payment, which affects your cash flow. Poor cash flow amounts to the poor financial health of your business.

The delays could happen due to various reasons such as creating an invoice from scratch for each customer, forgetting to send an invoice on time, entering the wrong details or others. To avoid such problems, you should standardize the invoicing process. The most basic first step is setting up an invoice template for your company that you could reuse.

It allows you to save time in designing a new invoice when you acquire a new customer. Just editing a pre-built doc or excel template with new customer details should work in this case.
Why Choose Deskera instead of Invoice Templates?
Relying on invoice templates when you start growing is not the ideal invoicing process, especially when you are trying to cut down your operational cost. You still have to calculate taxes every time, copy paste the details of same customer in case of recurring invoices or manually send reminders to your customers for payments. An online invoice software like Deskera could help here. With Deskera, you can save more than 200+ accounting hours every year for your business.
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Generate GST e-invoices, calculate tax liabilities, and electronically file tax returns. Always stay GST-compliant.
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Manage chart of accounts, journal entries, general ledgers. Track all changes via audit trail.
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