Workflow Engine - Central unit of Business Process Management

Business Process Management Sep 25, 2009

A Workflow Engine is a critical component of Business Process Management that manages and executes business processes. In simple terms, Workflow Engine facilitates transition of modeled process from design phase to execution phase.

Workflow Engine aims to minimize manual intervention in the process, thereby reducing probability of human error. Many a time, initiation of a particular activity in the process depends on the completion of other. Actors involved in handling such activities should have instant information about the status of others. This in turn facilitates rapid execution of process, which may otherwise prolong its completion time. Thus, Workflow Engine reduces the overall process time to the minimum possible extent.

Enterprises follow certain guidelines – statutory or framed – while performing operational processes. These guidelines are incorporated in Business Rules Engine, and implemented through workflow engine. Workflow Engine performs wide range of activities such as submitting process related documents, sending email notifications to stakeholders, talking to web services, and more. Furthermore, Workflow Engine coordinates in carrying out various process tasks in the sequential order as defined in the process logic, known as Process Orchestration.

jSonic BPM supports the Web Service-Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL) for carrying out the process orchestration through its workflow engine.

In the Krawler jSonic BPM context, workflow engine coordinates among the Business Rules Engine, Task Manager, and Activity Monitoring for efficiently carrying the workflow automation of modeled processes. Business Rules Engine enables Business Owners to create, edit and delete governing rules for business processes. Through Task Manager, process owners can monitor, review, and update their workflow tasks. Activity Monitoring facilitates real time monitoring of the processes, events, and triggers.

In a nutshell, it can be said that Workflow Engine acts as the brain of Business Process Management.

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