User Specific Tasks in Deskera Project Management

Deskera Project Management Feb 05, 2010

‘User Specific Tasks’ in Deskera Project Management allows you to easily define access and permission levels for the tasks assigned to each project member. These permission levels can be defined by the corresponding Project Administrator. The administrator can easily configure the display of the Project Plan for each project member.

Project Administrator can configure the following permission levels for each project member. The permissions can be set to view/modify either all and/or assigned tasks. The project administrator can also set a combination of ‘all’ and ‘assigned’ tasks either to view/modify tasks.

  1. View All Tasks in the Project Plan: This permission will allow user to only view all the tasks, to-dos, events and documents. Add new, modify and delete operations will not be allowed.
  2. Modify All Tasks in the Project Plan: The project member has access to the complete Project Plan. He can view/edit tasks in the Project Plan similar to the Project Administrator.
  3. View Assigned Tasks: The project member can only view the tasks assigned to him/her in the Project Plan. Add new, modify and delete operations will not be allowed to the project member.
  4. Modify Assigned Tasks: This project member can only update progress of the tasks that are assigned to him/her. Permissions for other modules will not be affected by this.

Project Member has limited access to Project Plan according to the defined Permission level

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