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Run Your Business Jul 07, 2020

Based on a report by KPMG, this year, the workforce is expected to make up 43% of freelancers compared to 6% in 1989. That's a tremendous growth compared to 31 years ago! We are all now living in the era of the Gig Economy, and this trend will continue to stay with us for a long time for good reasons.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • A shift in employees' views on the traditional work system. Employees now wanted more flexibility, freedom, and control in the way they work.
  • Easily accessible to internet and automation tools.
  • Able to work with multiple companies at the same time which means less risk of losing a job and income
  • Lots of job opportunities

With this trend evolving, websites have been created for freelancers out there to look for new job opportunities. If you are looking for some great platform to source for new opportunities or thinking of starting out as a freelancer, here's a rundown of the best 12 websites to hire freelancers.

Top 12 general website for freelancers

  1. Fiverr
Fiverr Website

Fiverr is one of the platforms that are easy to use and great for a freelancer that just started out. First off, simply set up your profile and share more information on your expertise, and you can start creating your Gig. "Gig" is a term used in Fiverr to describe the service you sell on the platform. This feature allows you to showcase your talent and past works, which will provide more information to the company that is thinking of doing business with you. Slowly build up your portfolio as you go!

Membership Fee: Free to sign up (you get to keep 80% of each business transaction)

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2. Freelancer

Freelancer Website

There's a vast range of freelancing jobs you can find on Freelancer. Similarly, start off by setting up your profile. Once set up, Freelancer will automatically match the right job that matches your profile and skillsets. You would also have the freedom to decide if you want to work on projects that will pay you in a fixed amount or by the hourly rate. You also can get to choose if you're going to pick up international or local jobs.

Membership Fee:

  • Intro: $0.99 monthly
  • Basic: $4.95 monthly
  • Plus: $9.95 monthly
  • Professional: $29.95 monthly
  • Premier: $69.95 monthly

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3. Indeed

Indeed Website

Indeed works in a way by collating all sorts of jobs from the internet onto this one platform. Hence, you will be able to find lots of freelancing job opportunities on this platform. The site is easy and straightforward to navigate. You can just search for the specific job you are looking for in a breeze!

Membership Fee: Free to sign up

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4. SolidGigs

SolidGigs Website

Personally, I felt SolidGigs is an excellent platform for any freelance out there. The creator of SolidGigs has smartly identified the needs and challenges faced by freelancers and have come up with exceptional solutions to help freelancers to overcome it. One of the problems identified is the massive amount of time taken for freelancers to source for suitable jobs and to troubleshoot that, SolidGigs will match your profile against dozens of jobs and send you the best top 1%, daily. Helping you to focus on things that matter.

Another problem identified by SolidGig is that freelancers might lack the knowledge and skills such as pitching, sales pricing, and client acquisition. To overcome that, the platform has provided training and learning courses for freelancers.

SolidGigs has done well in identifying challenges faced by freelancers and has helped them boost their productivity tremendously!

Membership Fee: $19 monthly (first 30-days trial at $2)

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5. Upwork

Upwork Website

Upwork, formerly known as oDesk that was founded two decades ago, have earned themself over 12 million registered freelancers worldwide and 5 million registered clients. The website has a vast pool of quality job listings that can meet any type of freelance needs. The interface on the website is user-friendly and straightforward, allowing freelancers to source out jobs more smoothly and quickly.

Membership Fee: Free to sign up
However, Upwork charges a fee when you complete a job for a client.

  • 20% for the first $500 billed with the client
  • 10% for lifetime billings with the client between $500.01 and $10,000
  • 5% for lifetime billings with the client that exceed $10,000

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Industry-specific websites

6. Marketing: CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps Website

CloudPeeps is a platform that focuses on freelancers looking for marketing jobs. On the platform, you can source for a job from social media marketing to public relations. CloudPeeps have an enormous trove of listing that helps marketers look for a job that best suits their expertise.

However, to sign up for CloudPeeps, it is not as simple as it is. CloudPeeps have a system where freelancers have to go through an application process where they will ensure you acquire the right skills to meet CouldPeeps's client's standard before they make you an official peeps.

If you are a marketing freelancer, CloudPeeps might be an excellent website that is suitable for you!

Membership Fee:

  • $0 to $100 transactions per month: Free
  • $100 to $300 transactions per month: $9 monthly (standard plan)
  • $400 & above transactions per month: $29 monthly (plus plan)

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7. SEO: KonKer

KonKer Website

KonKer is also another platform that focuses on marketing but with an extra category on SEO. This is understandable as the skillset in SEO is highly requested nowadays due to the steady increase in companies onboarding digitalization. If you have had in-depth knowledge and experience in SEO and are keen to do freelancing, do check out KonKer! They have an extensive breakdown of different SEO roles, and you can simply set up the services you offer while potential clients will source out the best SEO freelancer to meet their business needs.

Membership Fee: Free to sign up

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8. Website Developer: Lorem

Lorem Website

Website Developer, rejoice! Lorem is a platform that is created for website developers. If you have vast experience in website development, designing, and fixing, you can hit Lorem up!

Similar to CloudPeeps, Lorem also focuses on quality over quantity. Lorem only selects the top 5% of applicants to become a Lorem Expert. We couldn't blame them for this strategy as it protects and prevents freelancers paid to drop and also helps to establish a close community of experts to work with one another.

Membership Fee: Free to sign up (however, have to go through an application process)

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9. Creatives: Dribble

Dribble Website

Dribble has one of the perfect layouts of a webpage to showcase designers' creative work. On the surface, it adds a look of vibrant colors and pleasing aesthetic for the website, but on a strategic level, it helps creative freelancers to show off their talents and help to catch the attention of potential clients. Apart from it, freelancers also get to receive feedback from the community for their work and, together, improve their skill set as one! What a great platform for freelance-designers to work and grow!

Membership Fee:

  • Pro: $12 monthly
  • Pro Business: $20 monthly

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10. Writings: Contena

Contena Website

If you are a professional writer, editor, or just started out, Contena is one of the best writing freelancing platforms out there for you. The platform is known for its high volume of quality listings that are well-paid. No matter what is your style of writing, you can find a client that suits both you and the client's writing direction.  

Membership Fee: $40 monthly (paid annually)

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11. Video Editing: Website is made for freelance creative directors, producers, video editors, scriptwriters, and more. This platform helps freelancers to get job opportunities with some of the best well-known brands out there. Freelancers can build up their portfolios and get paid as they work!

Similarly to CloudPeeps and Lorem, also follows a similar strategy. Due to working with high-profile clients, they need to select the best qualified creative talent to maintain top standards. Hence, be prepared to go through an application process.

Membership Fee: Free to sign up (however, have to go through an application process)

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12. Photography: The Creative Loft

The Creative Loft Website

The Creative Loft is a website that mostly caters to freelance photographers. If you are looking for jobs in the photography realm, check out this platform as many listings are being updated daily.

Membership Fee: One-time payment to access features (pricing will be known when you sign up)

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That's a wrap for the top best 12 websites to hire freelancers!  I hope this article gives you inspiration and a better idea of what platform you should use when you are sourcing for freelancing job opportunities. And do not forget to raise proper invoices and bills with an online accounting software like Deskera Books to keep track of your transactions.

On a side note, I am looking forward to the continuous rise of the Gig Economy as this will bring more work-life balance to all. What about you? Are you excited about this new working style being introduced to the working landscape? Share your thoughts!

Jing Wen Ang

A digital marketer with a market research background and hands-on experience in social media marketing. On a journey to uncover greater marketing strategies!

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