Tired of long ERP implementation and customization?

Cloud ERP Jul 11, 2016

Tired of long ERP implementation and customization? Traditional ERP systems designed for large enterprises require costly IT consulting services and is usually customized to meet unique process requirements. Because of this, the implementation is often costly and lengthy. Many businesses encounter frequent problems when trying to implement an ERP software. Amongst them, the main issue faced is running over the budget. Other risk factors include failure to redesign business processes, insufficient training during and after implementation, inability to recruit and train qualified ERP software developers and lack of integration across all functional areas of a business.

With modern cloud ERP, SMEs can now adopt integrated enterprise software without the costly customization and consulting. With cloud ERP or Software as a Service (SaaS) based enterprise software, even small companies can now get started with low monthly subscription and often zero consulting cost.

Fast Implementation means faster ROI your business

Cloud ERP can be implemented easily across multiple regions and divisions with minimal cost and significant time saving. The flexibility and scalability of the cloud ERP implementation can be adapted to meet immediate and long-term business needs. The accelerated pace of cloud ERP integration equates to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Better Data Access

Cloud-based ERP can help eliminate date silos and makes it easier to share data across platforms. It provides accurate data that can be accessed via the internet anywhere, anytime.

Enhanced Security

With cloud ERP, SMEs achieve improved security standards and monitoring. With a professionally managed data centers, SMEs will achieve far better security standard compared to what they can implement on their own with traditional on-premise ERP software.

Integrated enterprise software

With Deskera ERP cloud, you’ll gain insight to every aspect of your business to make sure you stay agile and efficient. Deskera ERP cloud offers a perfect balance of features such as purchase, sales and billing, vendor, account, customer, financial reporting, item master, stock, checklist management and much more. Deskera maintains a full audit trail while processing all the financial transactions, from invoices and purchase orders to inventory and receipts.

Deskera ERP cloud takes your business beyond traditional accounting and inventory management software, by streamlining operations and standardizing the information flow across the entire organization.

Track and automate your business operations by:

  • Efficiently monitoring the flow of goods and services and tracking all supplier activities.
  • Auto generating balance sheets, P&L statements, and upcoming expenses to ensure a smooth supply chain function for enhanced organizational productivity.
  • Maintaining history of all financial transactions, invoices, purchase orders, inventory, and product related changes, to allow you to have a look at the past data and plan future action.
  • Automating invoices, discounts and credit notes and cut down on human errors.
  • Generating auto numbering for invoices and products to standardize the format used across the organization.
  • Connecting your employees, suppliers and customers with a common data source to make sure the data access is consistent.
  • Integrating inventory management with product management and store management for real-time access to all product related details such as stock levels across different stores and locations.

With cloud-based enterprise software, SMEs can now get fully integrated business software without the high implementation and maintenance cost. With a monthly subscription costing less than your mobile phone subscription, SMEs can automate business processes and gain better business insights without breaking the bank.


Deskera is an award winning integrated business application.

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