Time Tracking Made Easy By Timesheet Software

Deskera Dec 22, 2011

Tracking time of employees on various projects could be a painful task for organizations. If not managed properly, it could lead to anything from widespread confusion to inaccurate financial accounting. Errors in adding time, projects, WBS elements etc. could lead to issues as stated above. In addition, delays could happen if timesheets are not filled or approved on time, or are rejected but not acted on by the employee. Thankfully, Deskera provides, as part of its HRMS , a timesheet software that does away with all the problems.

In our December ’11 release, new features have been added to timesheets that allow an organization greater control over how time is tracked and provide them more flexibility in setting up timesheets. Let us take a look at these new features in detail- Configure Projects & Default Durations

Now you can pre-configure job/project details like name, default duration etc. in Master Configuration. Also, an option can be provided to the employees to add/edit job/projects manually from the timesheets. This is useful if a large chunk of employees have similar projects with default duration that need to be tracked.

This can be easily done by going to Master Configuration, selecting Timesheet Job and adding/editing sub-fields there. Please refer to the image for details.

Notifications for Approval/ Rejections

Now immediate notifications would go to the employee upon approval or rejection of timesheets by the supervisor. This is in addition to the existing alerts for employees to fill timesheets and for supervisors to approve timesheets.

To know more about how to use timesheets for your business, please visit Deskera.


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