The science of improving sales productivity

CRM Jan 13, 2016

Sales is the lifeblood of any company. Everyone knows this. Speak to any seasoned sales veteran and they’ll tell you there are some basic fundamentals that transcend industries. We’re not here today to glorify those fundamentals. Instead, we’re here to galvanize them.

The emotional versus the influential bond

“I’ve been entertaining clients almost every night till the wee hours to build a good relationship with them.” Heard this before from a sales rep? Or perhaps you’ve bragged about something similar? There’s nothing wrong, really. Certain industries have, and will always require, entertainment to be part of closing the deal. While clients do appreciate you splurging on them, they aren’t all that naïve.

Consistency through technology

Getting along well and having a rock solid business relationship is important, but your clients also need to be sure you’re the real deal. It’s pivotal moments like these where credibility is key. We’re not talking about one-off moments of brilliance either. Being a thought leader is a consistent effort to demonstrate you’re an expert in your field that slowly weaves itself into the audience’s subconscious. Try doing this manually for a hundred clients at any one time. Trust us, you’ll lose your mind. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the ultimate tool to help you become a thought leader for each client. Basically, it allows you to preset knowledge engagement initiatives in advance and monitor their traction while you carry on with your daily activities.

Improving the probability game

Sales is a numbers game based on relative probability. Different people have their own preconceived rule of thumb but generally, it works this way: The more leads you acquire, the higher chances you have of closing more clients. It’s not wrong. But think for a moment how smarter engagement and decision-making can help you improve your closure rate. A jump from 1% to 2% is still double the closure rate from that same pool of leads. Here’s where a CRM lets you monitor the movement of opportunities through the sales cycle and identify stalled or neglected opportunities. There are only so many clients you can meet in a day. Spending time on those that really matter can increase your conversion rate dramatically.

Turning an art into a science

Just as an updated navigation system can aid the most seasoned taxi driver to find the quickest route, the same goes with how a CRM can help improve closure rates for the most seasoned sales executives. Discover what an affordable full-fledged CRM software can do for you. Learn more at Deskera CRM Cloud. Avoid the unproductive backlash of non-compliant practices as you go about your sales duties.


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