The Power of On-Demand CRM

Low Entry and Exit Barrier Oct 05, 2009

One of the primary motives of CRM is to establish a robust communication between the customers and your sales & marketing team, which can be achieved in a cost effective manner through On-Demand CRM. Krawler aptly understands the benefits that can be achieved by the use of the On-Demand CRM application. Our CRM solution enables your sales and marketing team to leverage the power of web. This results in efficient managing and tracking, of sales and marketing related activities. Furthermore, the stakeholders have instant access to the relevant information from anywhere and anytime.

The nub of the matter is that On-Demand CRM ascertains that you have to pay only for the number of CRM application users, or in other words, you pay as you use.

Some of the salient features of On-Demand CRM are as follows:

No Up-front Investments: The need for initial investment in the hardware and software is obviated. Vendors (like Krawler) bear the ‘up-front’ investment expenses.

Easy Integration: The integration of On-Demand CRM with existing systems is comparatively easier than that of On-Premise CRM solution. Krawler employs industry standards for web services to achieve integration within and outside organization’s information framework.

High Scalability: Due to Higher Server configuration provided by vendor, scalability of On-demand CRM also becomes higher.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: Software maintenance is always a critical and pain-stacking area for any application installed as On-Premise solution. But with the On-Demand methodology, the focus of this activity is shifted to vendor, which is mostly free of cost.

Competitive Pricing: The On-Demand CRM basically takes into account the number of users who will be using the software. Furthermore, the hardware, software, installation, and deployment cost are not considered.

Low Entry and Exit Barrier: As there are no installation and deployment cost, the barrier for entry is low. You simply have to decide on the number of user’s license and pay as per vendor’s monthly pricing scheme. Krawler has a very competitive pricing for On-Demand CRM solution. (For Krawler Pricing Plan, click here). Furthermore, you have to unsubscribe in order to stop usage of the application, making the exit barrier considerably lower.

To conclude, there are various benefits of On-Demand CRM that ranges from no up-front investment to high scalability and integration, to competitive pricing. Krawler offers a free trial run of 30 days for its CRM solution. To know more about our On-Demand applications, including CRM, click here.

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