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copy invoice Nov 29, 2010

Deskera ERP enables you to create invoices for both your customers and vendors. You can easily link the invoices with sales order or purchase order for all your customers and vendors.

You can generate an invoice by selecting a customer/vendor, mentioning the debit/credit term, specifying the discount and selecting the product(s) with quantity, price, discount and more with Deskera ERP. You also have the option to include tax and the total amount after tax and discount is displayed on the right corner of the page.

The video below will give you a clear understanding of how to create a vendor/customer invoice.

Deskera ERP also enables you to streamline your business by scheduling recurring invoice, copying an existing invoice, emailing the invoices to the concerned vendor/customer, exporting them and more.

Check out our interactive video on Deskera ERP’s recurring invoice functionality.

Export the invoice records in convenient formats like CSV and PDF. Also, select a single invoice and export a single record by clicking on “Export” and then “Export Single Invoice”.

Also, copy an existing invoice and work on it further to avoid dual data entry, in case you need to enter the same data for two customers/vendors. Check out our video on “Recurring Invoice” to get a clear understanding of this functionality.

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