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Cloud ERP Nov 15, 2016

It’s funny doing things in reverse. Typically, software companies will build proof of concept and scale their product in the U.S. before branching out to smaller, untapped markets abroad like APAC & EMEA. At Deskera, we’re bringing a successful Singaporean cloud ERP platform across the pond to the largest and most competitive market in the world.

To do this, we’re going to need a hell of a story to help prospective customers understand why they should run their business on our platform, opposed to the myriad of established rivals in the space. This is why we’ve hired talent from all the major ERP players in the U.S. to learn about what worked for their companies – and what didn’t – so that Deskera has a robust understanding of the solutions required by the SMB market. So far, we’ve learned that implementing ERP solutions takes too much time – months or weeks – with costs reaching two times the underlying software’s license value

This is a fundamental problem of what we can now call “legacy SaaS” – painful installations with astronomical recurring costs. Where’s the value of a subscription service which isn’t online for a quarter of the first annual contract? We’re change this by reducing the deployment timeframe to 48 hours and billing services at a fraction – not a multiple – of annual recurring value.

With this offering we’re hoping to help thousands of SMBs in the U.S. across a number of industry verticals effectively consolidate their operations in the cloud.

At this point, everything sounds great – but what’s the state of the business now? For the past several months, we’ve been doing all the fun stuff that’s on every new business’ checklist: spending too much time with lawyers, redesigning our website, launching marketing campaigns and hiring all the awesome people that will help us create and distribute an amazing product. Our official launch date was the beginning of Q4, so stay tuned for some exciting things to come. My sense is that if you’re planning to look for enterprise software that’s going to help your business grow, it’ll be hard to miss Deskera in your search.

About Deskera

We understand our clients want to run their business, not deploy software. We commit to providing secure and reliable cloud-based ERP solutions implemented in days – not months. In turn, we give our clients greater velocity, mobility and access to compete in an internet economy.

Deskera is a leading global cloud-based business software provider. Deskera has been recognized as the #1 Integrated Business Application as a Service (BAaaS) provider in 2015 by Frost & Sullivan. Today, our cloud services power more than 3,000 SMBs and Enterprises globally. We are headquartered in Singapore and have offices in San Francisco, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Deskera’s products serve a wide range of industries such as internet of things, manufacturing, sales, distribution, engineering, building and construction. For over a decade, we have proved our mettle as a company that is focused on creating simple and robust enterprise software that drives progress for our clients.

Declan Keir-Saks

Declan Keir-Saks is a global-focused thought leader in the technology space. He is a native of Australia but has spent the past 13 years in the United States working in a variety of roles within the

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