Social Media – A new destination for lead generation

Social media Aug 19, 2016

Social Media – A new destination for lead generation

Earlier methods of lead generation consisted of sending surveys via email or filling out a form at the back of a magazine. But the internet has completely changed the way businesses acquire leads. Today, it’s all about thought leader articles, gated content, video marketing and paid ad campaigns that are aimed at getting potential customers. Since it’s all done online, it becomes quicker and easier to track the data for each lead.

Social media makes the process easier because of the amount of information people readily share and the sheer number of users on Facebook and Twitter. Social media makes the perfect place to find your target audience and helps you turn them into sales leads.

According to Quick Sprout:

  • Social media marketing has reduced costs for 45% of businesses
  • Revenue increased for 24% of businesses when they utilized social media for lead generation

Use the tips below to start generating and tracking social media leads:

#1: Gate content with a user-friendly form

In marketing, generating a filled-out form constitutes a qualified lead. If you’re not promoting gated content on your social media channels, you can’t measure leads and conversions. Launch a social media lead generation strategy that uses all available opportunities to promote your gated content.

#2: Amplify your audience with focused social ads

With Twitter lead generation cards and Facebook’s objective-based advertising, social ads have successfully repositioned themselves to support revenue-based business goals. Download your leads directly from Twitter Ads into a spreadsheet or connect your CRM to automatically receive the new leads.

#3: Optimize social ad conversion with Google Analytics

Once your lead conversion path within Google Analytics is set up, use Google’s Campaigns URL Builder to properly tag your promoted links as a campaign. Three fields are mandatory to create a Google Analytics campaign:

  • Campaign source
  • Campaign medium
  • Campaign name

An optional fourth field is campaign content. This is extremely important in optimizing cost-per-lead tracking as you can use it to test different types of ad content.

#4: Pick the right channel

Trying to get leads from an unsuitable social media channel is one of the mistakes most businesses make. The techniques used to generate leads partially depend on which social media site is being focused on.

  • Facebook – Generating a considerable amount of leads through Facebook necessitates running paid ads at some point. Facebook will optimize the campaigns in order to generate the maximum amount of leads by showing the ads to a subset of people defined in your target.
  • Twitter – Twitter is currently one of the best social media platforms for lead generation. These days, promoted tweets are being given more priority.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is the top social media site for B2B leads. Since it’s catered toward professionals and networking, it is a natural lead generation tool.

Closing thoughts

The boon of social media lead generation is that there is no single right way. Generating leads online with social media can be easier than traditional techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing, The question is: Will it be soon the primary channel for lead generation?


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