Say hello to efficiency with Deskera cloud ERP

Jan 11, 2018

India is home to 51 million SMEs of which many are aiming to go digital and global. All thanks to initiatives like Make-in-India, Digital India as well as the Startup culture. As enterprises explore global platforms, it becomes imperative to choose right technologies in order to be efficient.

One of the major problems that the SME sector faces is inefficiency due to lack of data integration. For instance, a growing SME relying earlier on spreadsheets or a basic enterprise software needs to select an ERP software that helps in seamless integration. Failing which all the data of the legacy system is either lost or the entire process gets complicated. An ideal ERP software collects and organizes organizational data that helps to manage production, inventory, customers, shipping, etc. However, in order for the software to provide the greatest use, it needs to be able to integrate with other software applications, so it can share data with those applications and improve the overall accuracy of business decisions. Hence, choosing a reliable and trusted integrated business software suite is paramount. It not only helps save an enormous amount of time and deliver more accurate reports, it also helps in enhancing the organizations productivity. Deskera’s cloud-based integrated ERP software suite is the No. 1 choice of SMEs in India as well as those in South-East Asia.

“We needed a modern and affordable business software that could support our business needs as we continue to grow. With Deskera we now have a solution that supports our business operations with end-to-end accounting, manufacturing, inventory control, and customer relationship management software. We have been able to reduce the time spent on consolidation of financial reports and now have better insights about business performance,” said Yuvonne Chew, Director (Finance & Operations), Esmegen Group.

In a typical business scenario, an SME pays separate license-fee for different on-premise softwares, along-with additional costs for server-hardware, network architecture, security, maintenance, down-time etc. Often these software do not talk to each other, leading to multiple data entry, increased man-hour cost and time-wastage. To help SMEs fast-track onto the Digital India map, Deskera offers an integrated suite comprising ERP, CRM, MRP, PM and HRMS that can talk to each other. Thus, by using Deskera’s ERP suite – a customer can access all their data on a smartphone or a tablet. All one needs is an internet connection and a web-browser. As Deskera’s ERP is Cloud-based, enterprises can now move faster on projects, avoid paying huge upfront cost, skip lengthy implementation processes and subscribe to the pay-per-user model. This speedier implementation makes businesses more agile and scalable without the time and effort associated with traditional ERP systems.

Digital economy needs innovative financial technology to expand and thrive with the growing global user base. Deskera brings that innovative solution to the world. Deskera helps in seamless transition and integration of the financial structure from old version to the new one. Additionally, its cloud technology helps streamline inventories at multiple business units/ warehouses, thus providing real-time Input Tax Credits, which are most critical for GSTR filing.

“I came to know of Deskera through a friend and was surprised to find that such a useful software that is GST- ready and is available at such a low price. The biggest advantage with Deskera was that it is cloud based; so, there is no location limitation,” said M.M. Mahendrakar, CEO of Sourabh Heat Treatment Plant. “Before I discovered Deskera, I was using premise-based software and was having difficulty managing all my operations. But now even if I have branches all over the world I can still run and manage my business through an easily accessible software,” he further added.

Today, more than 3,000 businesses, with approximately 80,000 users, manage their companies using Deskera products. Deskera has always been committed to provide world-class technology to SMEs so they can succeed by running more efficiently. It has been at the forefront of helping SMEs improve their businesses and contribute in transforming local enterprises into global-scale businesses.

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