Recruitment Management Made Easier...

Deskera Sep 23, 2011

While the recruitment process is usually not too complex, there could be copious amount of work involved at each step. Consequently, increased efficiency has a direct impact on the overall cost.

Let us look at a typical recruitment process flow:

  • Create Job Opening
  • Identify Internal/External/Both
  • Receive applications (Online/Other)
  • Screen applications
  • Notify shortlisted/rejected candidates
  • Assign interviewers
  • Capture interview results
  • Notify selected/rejected candidates
  • Roll out job offer
  • Convert selected candidate to employee
  • Maintain database of applicants

Statistics show that creating a standard operating procedure and using enterprise applications could increase efficiency by as much as 45%. This translates into a direct cost benefit for the organization.

Recruitment management system, usually a part of the HR Management System, would allow the job positions to be created in the system. Upon the creation of the job posting, a form is generated by the recruitment management system with a hyperlink. This would be available online for interested candidates to apply.

Once a candidate has applied through the online form, the details are sent back to the recruitment management system which then notifies the recruiter. The recruiter could then assign interview slot and an interviewer via the recruitment management system with notifications handled by the system.

The assigned interviewer could update the results in the system post interview, with the appropriate status

The recruitment management system sends out the notification to the recruiter who would then process the outcome and convert the applicant into either an “employee” (based on offer acceptance) or “rejected”.

While the entire process is being completed, the recruitment management system would have captured all other applications and they could be used for future job postings, reducing the cycle time.

The above process can be executed easily and quickly by Deskera HRMS, making the entire cycle Better, Easier, Faster.

You could try out the free demo for HRMS at Deskera.


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