Why should real estate businesses invest in Cloud-based project management software

Mar 21, 2018

Real estate is a well recognised sector globally. In India, it is the second largest employer after agriculture and is slated to grow at 30 per cent over the next decade. This growth is complemented with the current Government’s focus on the country’s infrastructure. As per the Union Budget 2018, India will invest as much as Rs 5.97 lakh crore in creating and upgrading infrastructure in the next financial year. Additionally, with the country witnessing a revolution in the start-up culture, the demand for office spaces as well as urban and semi-urban accommodations has increased.

Since real estate is a dynamic sector, businesses often face diverse challenges like budgeting, project planning, unorganised cash flow, regulatory compliance and changing pricing system. To gain profits, it is required to maintain reasonable pricing, increased efficiencies across processes and remain competitive. An efficient management of processes such as project planning, regulatory approvals, budget planning, construction, site selection etc. is critical for your business.

Why is Project Management software important for real estate business?

The smartest way to manage your business today is to use a sophisticated cloud-based Project Management (PM) software. It helps you boost profitability as well as competence. Since speed and productivity are of paramount importance in the real estate industry, using a well-defined process management tool, can reduce costs of your project without compromising on quality. Hence, it is imperative that every task from pre to post construction smoothly transitions to the next task thereby delivering the best value to end customers.

The advantage of using cloud-based PM software is that one can access all his data on a smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection and a web-browser. It further helps enterprises move faster on projects, avoid paying huge upfront cost and gives real time information to all those people involved in the project. PM module for real estate helps you consolidate your project and day-to-day tasks, and leverage the power of embedded conversations to work with your teams, anywhere you want.

Deskera’s Cloud-based PM software for real estate industry helps accelerate project delivery, and productivity. This award-winning software creates project plans, tracks project status real time, helps meet delivery deadlines and get project reports and analytics on the go, giving quality the utmost priority.

Benefits of using Deskera’s cloud-based PM module:

  • Project Planning: The software assists project managers with real-time project health status updates and the progress on assigned tasks, ensuring that all deadlines are met on time. Gantt Charts provide a detailed visual on the progress of project tasks and can be used to develop task structures, to assign priorities and to define multiple milestones.
  • Project Collaboration: This feature offers a set of tools that enable team members to complete the project, find information quickly, collaborate and work together to achieve common business goals. The core elements of project collaboration are email, document sharing, group calendar, and real-time team collaboration.
  • Project Reporting and Analytics: It facilitates project managers to define standards for cost and quality and move towards pre-defined standards. Analytics feature helps you know where your project is heading, determine project health through KPI metrics and generate MS Excel compatible report templates. The are multiple report features available in the module. For instance, you can get reports on cash flow, milestones, overdue task, activity reports, workload reports, baseline reports and many more.
  • Project Administration: Deskera Project Administration allows convenient collaboration of projects. You can plan, organize, manage, analyze and deliver successful projects. Additionally, you can control user access with multiple level of permissions. Based on the skills required for a project and resource capability, you can add or remove resources from a project, to ensure the right fit.
  • Budget Management: With Deskera PM you can plan budget for each department individually. It helps you assign an estimated budget of expenses for each department in a particular project. The software further allows you to compare actual vs projected budget using variance report. Thus, helping you keep a tab of your expenses.
  • Resource Management: The software helps reduce and resolve allocation conflicts by assigning tasks to resources and adjusting assignments wherever needed. Resource usage can be tracked by defining and allocating activity costs and by using comprehensive workload reports. Finances can be managed by assigning budgets to projects and programs.
  • Document Management: Documents related to a project such as contracts, proposals and technical papers can be managed easily. You can manage and retrieve documents from the centralized document repository. Deskera Document Management ensures secure collaboration and information distribution through permission based sharing.
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