Deskera Project Management - May Release

Deskera PM May 11, 2011

Now you can do more with Deskera Project Management. Our development team has been working tirelessly to tweak the application and make it better, easier, faster. Here is a sneak preview at some of the changes that will be visible with the new release of the project management application.

  • You can now embed project report charts as “Reportlet” on external websites
  • Dashboard project chart widget now shows progress and time charts for individual projects
  • Milestone stack – We take timelines and milestones, and stack them to give an useful high-level overview of all projects of a company
  • Seamless content integration between contacts and chat window
  • Default task start date is now set to project start date instead of current date, when project has future start.
  • Inform when file-type is incompatible while importing in Team Calendar
  • Other items – This release fixes 15+ issues reported over last few weeks.

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